Jussie Smollett stages own death to avoid prosecution

Actor Jussie Smollett, who was charged last week with filing a false police report for allegedly staging an attack on himself, may be facing additional charges after staging his own death in an attempt to avoid prosecution, police sources said.

Police officers who arrived at Smollett’s home with a search warrant today found a hand-written note taped to the door that read:

“This is a totally real and not fake suicide note. I have ended my life to protest America’s horrific culture of racism and homophobia. As you read this, I have already died and gone to a better place, so don’t try to find me.

Love and peace,


P.S. This is real.”

The officers then found Smollett hiding under a bed. When the officers attempted to question him, Smollett insisted he had actually committed suicide, yelling repeatedly, “You can’t charge me anymore! Didn’t you see the suicide note? I’m dead! I’m dead!”

Appearing in court later, Smollett was asked by the judge how he pleads to the charges against him.

“I plead dead, your honor. Dead,” Smollett said.

“Sir, that’s not an option,” the judge said.

“Don’t try to suicide victim-shame me,” Smollett responded.

Legal experts said the legal ramifications of Smollett’s attempted staging of his own death could be severe, but Smollett remains defiant.

Reached for comment about these latest developments, Smollett said, “After I killed myself to protest our victim-shaming, racist culture, my biggest fear was that, like too many victims, I would not be believed. But nothing will stop me from speaking out against racism and homophobia. Not even being dead.”