Lindsey Graham, the time is now

I think we can all say it, now (although politicians in my own party seem to be struggling to find the words): The President of the United States is a racist liar. He doesn’t just do and say racist things. He doesn’t just have no filter, or speak what other people are thinking. He doesn’t just occasionally stretch the truth. He is racist and a liar, and his actions show this every day.

Few Republicans had much to say about Trump’s recent statements in which he referred to pretty much all countries without white people as “shitholes.” Few Democrats were strong enough in their rebukes of him. But, I’m calling on one Republican to take a chance and do the right thing: Are you there Lindsey Graham? It’s TIME.

Graham has been all over the place concerning Trump. He spoke out forcefully against him during the primaries, but his criticisms have seemed to water down over time, even attacking the media for portraying him as unfit when he himself made those remarks leading up to the 2016 election. I don’t have much hope for the other Republicans in the meeting, but I have one iota of hope for Graham.

Not because I like or respect the man. God, no. Because I believe that it is in each and every one of us to do the right thing, and Graham has a chance to show that he is a human being. Not just a human being, but one who is proud of our country.

I’m just going to say it: Donald J. Trump doesn’t like our country. If he did, he would honor the incredible men and women who have immigrated from what he refers to as “shitholes” over the course of our history. He would honor those — ESPECIALLY THIS WEEK — whose ancestors were literally brought to America in chains, and whose rich culture we’ve done a bang-up job at appropriating at every turn.

I’m counting on you, Lindsey Graham. When asked whether Trump made these incredibly offensive, racist remarks, you referred to the account as “basically accurate.” Kind of a cop-out, don’t you think, Linds? If it’s “basically accurate,” please come out and say exactly what was said in that meeting. Because if even a fraction of this is “basically accurate,” your party has some major thinking to do before they try and defend Trump on this one.

And I’d like to know, if possible, if anyone other than Dick Durbin spoke out against his hateful rhetoric? Did you? Did anyone from your party? Can you at least say that after he called those countries “shitholes,” someone from your party stepped forward and meekly said “I object to the term shithole when you could have said poophole”?

You are a man with whom I have a mountain of disagreements, Lindsey Graham, but I do not believe you are a person who doesn’t like your country. In fact, I think you love it. So, do the right thing. Do it now, and take the credit. Take your balls out of Trump’s man-purse and tell the truth about what was said in that meeting.

America is waiting.