NFL clichés, part IV

NFL quotes are built on a cliché-driven foundation. Here is what they really mean.

44. “He’s making a big pitch to be on this team.”

General Manager: “I don’t have to cut him yet.”

Coach: “I can now remember his name.”

Player: “I’ve enjoyed having him carry my pads at practice. I will miss him.”

Owner: “Who?”

45. “Sometimes your emotions can get the best of you.”

General Manager: “I don’t remember what you’re talking about.”

Coach: “If you ask me a follow-up question, I’m cutting this interview short.”

Player: “I totally screwed up and am avoiding my coach.”

Owner: “I pay him too much money for him to pull sh!t like that.”

46. “This is a game of consistency.”

Coach: “They’re supposed to do it they way we coach ‘em.”

Player: “I keep hearing people say this. I thought I’d try it out too.”

47. “You can’t go out there worrying about the last play.”

General Manager: “He just cut himself.”

Coach: “He’s still on the team because we don’t have anybody better. For now.”

Player: “I’m really worried about what they think of my last play.”

48. “They will regret trading me.”

Player: “My feelings are really hurt.”

Player: “They have no idea how to evaluate talent.”

Player: “It’s all politics and coaches’ pet players.”

49. “He stepped up and performed.”

General Manager: “He was about to get cut.”

Coach: “We didn’t have anybody else and he didn’t sh!t the bed.”

Player: “I’m not worried about my spot. But I am worried about his.”

50. “When you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have any.”

General Manager: “I’m waiting for coach to make a decision already.”

Coach: “The calendar will force me to make a decision, eventually.”

Player: “It’s about time they saw how much better I am than him.”

51. “I just try to come out every day and do what they ask of me.”

Player: “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Player: “I hope I’m here long enough to get an employee discount in the pro shop.”

52. “Need to stack successes.”

General Manager: “He did something right. Might not have been a wasted draft choice.”

Coach: “Until I see him do it again, I’m not going to believe it.”

Player: “You saw that great play I made, right?”

53. “You can’t coach speed.”

General Manager: “Remember: I drafted him.”

Coach: “I had no idea he was that fast.”

Player: “I’m great.”

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