Colin Kaepernick’s beautiful altar of freedom

It is time to ask those criticizing the freedoms expressed by the peaceful protests by Colin Kaepernick, “Would we be having this conversation if Colin Kaepernick did not sit? Would our awareness been raised if the BLM movement was not so collectively strong?”

I am a white male with white privilege, I will never understand the oppression that my black brothers and sisters have felt from the early days of this country.

I do know that if we do look beyond the headlines and really search deep into our communities, that we must bring awareness to the voice of those who are oppressed, those who are marginalized … because that is what Christ called us to do. He did not tell us to be good tax paying citizens, he asked us to love each other like we love him.

So … we must look deeper and become white allies to our black brothers and sisters, our Muslim brothers and sisters, our Hindu brothers and sisters, our Indian brothers and sisters … because that is the great commission.

Finally, if you look at Colin, you will find that he is doing more than just sitting; he is also putting time, money, and resources into those very causes he believes in and sitting for each game. He is sitting silently like Rosa Parks, the Freedom Fighters, Harvey Gantt, and so many others that peacefully shared their beliefs like MLK.

That is what makes this country so wonderful, that we can freely express, freely worship, and freely live our lives laid down by the altar of freedom; provided by men and women who have served since the first moments of it’s collective existence.

I cannot speak for those who serve and have served this great country, but I would hope that the men and women that laid down their lives should be proud to see that the freedom they provided was rightly exercised no matter if they agree or disagree.

What is so beautiful about this situation? Colin Kaepernick’s movement is so much more American that we can even imagine, because where else in the world can someone so freely express without fear of persecution. We should be so humbled.

© BobbyRettew