Replacing Roseanne with other Trumpified sitcoms

Updating the classics for 2018

Roseanne (the person) said some racist stuff on Twitter. Roseanne (the show) had stellar ratings and won praise for tackling political issues featuring Roseanne (the character), a Trump supporter.

But Roseanne got Roseanne canceled. Here’s some options to fill that classic-sitcom-revived-for-the-Trump-era-shaped hole:


Jerry gets attacked on Twitter for a sexist joke. Elaine’s boss gives her a $27 raise and keeps the rest of the tax cut for himself. Kramer tries to make money running an alt-right website. George wears a pussy hat to impress an activist.

GEORGE: Remember, I voted for Bernie.

JERRY: You? You never vote.

GEORGE: I know! That’s what she can’t find out!

Home Improvement

Tim wants to build the wall, but only up to 5 ft., so we can still see Mexico’s eyes. Al comes out.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Carlton, now a successful businessman and Vice Chair of the California Republicans, takes in Ahmed Mohamed al-Husseini, his sister’s husband’s son from a previous marriage.

30 Rock

Jack Donaghy plans a NeverTrump Republican Deep State coup, but shelves it when he sees his tax cut. Tracy refuses to perform any character called out as a racist caricature, leaving him with one. Liz has an escalating disagreement with the writers about Jordan Peterson.

Family Ties

The Keatons are a normal suburban family of Reagan Republicans. Their son Alex is /r/The_Donald moderator and prolific racist WhiteyMcNotacuck.


Chandler voted for Trump, but told everyone he voted for Evan McMullin. Pheobe has a small but dedicated YouTube following. Ross still sucks.

CHANDLER: It’s New York, it didn’t matter.

MONICA: That’s how you excused voting for McMullin!

CHANDLER: What difference does it make? It’s New York. It doesn —


How I Met Your Mother

Ted talks to a girl at a protest, then joins every protest he can find, hoping to run into her again. Lily’s kindergarteners use “Trump” as a slur. Robin inadvertently becomes part of the attractive young white woman with a gun photo trend. Barney gets #MeToo-ed. Everyone pretends the last season didn’t happen.

The Cosby Show