The Hit Job is keepin’ it 1000

1K followers. What’s wrong with you people?

Who knew so many people could have the same bad taste? Earlier this week, enough people repeated the same mistake repetitively and redundantly, that The Hit Job, Medium’s home for, uh, [editor’s note: fill in something clever later] has amassed more than 1000 followers.

This can’t be right. It used to be that Medium readers followed publications willingly, of their own volition. I now suspect that at least 1000 victims have been conscripted or duped into following this publication’s NFL football, pop culture, humor and trouble-making articles, essays and brain-dumps through nefarious means.

For that I sincerely apologize. This never should have happened.

Consider this a wake-up call. If you are a follower of The Hit Job, perhaps you should use this moment to re-evaluate your life decisions. Clearly, you can be led astray by false promises of engaging content. That should alarm you. It does me.

Most of what you’ll find here, as you know, is lifeless, humorless, time-killing dreck of the lowest order. Far more heat than light. Every article would come with an apology, but the editor is very forgetful and lazy. He’s something else too, but he can’t think of a third thing to add right now.

But this is a group failure. It’s not only the readers that are making terrible decisions. Many writers are too. Talented, but obviously possessing exceedingly poor judgment, these writers have been similarly conscripted or conned into sharing their writing in The Hit Job: guileless pawns like Jessica Ridpath, Brandon Anderson, Kate Imbach, BobbyRettew, Sasha Stone, adam nicholas phillips, Maya King, Parag Dadhaniya, Ross Richendrfer, Sarah Greene, Dan Kalmar, Bhaswati B and more have wasted their considerable efforts in this publication.

Please make a note of their Medium handles and encourage them to make better life decisions in the future. Otherwise, this The Hit Job thing is only going to mushroom into something worse.

And for that, there is a lot of blame to spread around. There are more than 1000 of us, and that’s not nothin’.

julian rogers | editor & publisher | The Hit Job