There, Don. Fixed it for you.

March 2018

Some helpful definitions (for those of you having to read this out loud to Donald Trump or his followers):


Old-timey profession that, pre-2016, was charged with disseminating important news to the public and reported on governments, industries and noteworthy individuals, for the purpose of holding them to accountability.

“Real news”

Fact-checked, truthful and rational knowledge via language presented to public for consumption. What the media produces and disseminates via public and private methods.

“Rex Tillerson”

Failed leader. Corrupt captain of industry that succeeded beyond his capabilities, sold out his remaining principles to buy the flattery of Donald Trump so he could hold the temporary title of Secretary of State.

“Donald Trump”

See: Embarrass.


To elect a half-witted, venal, self-aggrandizing, immature, deranged, corrupt, slimy, lying dotard to the highest office in the land.


See: Administration, Obama.

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