Trump has HILARIOUS meltdown, hurls papers after Schumer / Pelosi meeting

Trump’s rat droppings and sawdust mind pretends to be ‘stable genius’

After filming the pilot episode of the “Chuck, Nancy, & Dotard Comedy Variety Hour”, Trump had a hilarious meltdown which should make all Americans who are terrified by this, proud that they’re not idiots.

This happened after a terse conversation where Schumer and Pelosi were trying to get Trump to say on television how he wants to shut down the entire U.S. government.

They knew that if Trump did this he would look completely insane and idiotic.

So, their entire plan was to “just show up at the meeting and let nature take its course” — a plan which worked out swimmingly.

Here’s a picture of Donald Trump being “FUSSY.”

(Evan Vucci/AP)

So, Trump, showing the scary negotiating skills he’s famous in his own mind for, started the meeting by insisting that it be televised for posterity so that future generations can study his brand of comedy.

Trump’s performance could be best summarized by my saying — he started off by quacking like a duck and then started flapping his folded arms like a duck, while incongruously shouting “I’m a silly goose!”

Mike Pence, was characteristically nodding out on heroin, and thus was unable to make any disparaging remarks about gay people.

After about 30 minutes of hilarious comedy, Trump stormed out of the room and threw his papers at the wall.

I asked a terrified White House aide to take time out of his busy schedule of writing his own suicide note, to inform me of what was in Trump’s stack of papers.

My inside source asked not to be named, so I belligerently name him Sorcey McSorsensin. Here’s his account.

“Well, one page was a stick figure drawing accompanied by the word “fart” but spelled wrong. The rest were pages that look like they were written in a language that only birds could understand or write,” said Sorcey McSorsensin

Inspiring words, indeed.

He followed up this statement by saying “and my name is not Sorcey McSorsensin!”

To which this reporter replied:

“Your name is whatever I say it is.”

Here’s a photo of Trump VERY UPSET that no one appreciates his “Jazz Hands” dance move.

Written by Steven W. Rouach
©2018 SWRouach