Trump leakers: The needs of the many vs. the needs of the worst few

Define patriotism

“ALL HAIL ME !” Says dangerously incoherent Trump.

There are some types of leaks that can severely damage us as a nation, such as leaks from the CIA. The world’s a VERY scary place. Our intelligence agencies (when not being, attacked, disparaged and called liars by Donald Trump) have to deal with the aforementioned scary world. Some of our secrets truly do need to be kept.

And, on the complete opposite side of this, we have: Leaks From The White House (Now in TECHNICOLOR, even though everyone there is white. …)

Anthony Scaramucci, during his 15 minutes of fame, whilst heaping praise upon Trump and looking forward to his eventual betrayal by Trump, was VERY focused on “Leakers.”

It doesn’t matter how INSANE and UNSETTLING things are in the White House. The problem is the leakers. It doesn’t matter how much hysterically terrifying idiocy, lunacy, and cruelty happens inside 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, poisoning the air with a horrific mist of clouds of psychosis and evil*, (*much like the band “Poison” did, back in the ’80s via their music), The problem is the leakers.


Instead of Trump & co. and his terrifying cabinet of sentient scorpions bred for assholery*, MAYBE … STOPPING DOING INSANE AND DISTURBING THINGS … which would also stop leaks …

… and that would be a win-win.

No. Trump and his legion of fecal-spray-minions want to continue doing, very crazy, dangerous, maniacal, incomprehensible, and sometimes even treasonous things. They just don’t want the rest of us to know about them.

(*Assholery is a term, I myself, invented, and is meant to be used as a verb.)

You’re safe to assume: Stephen Bannon wants to set the world on fire, every second, of every day, and use Jewish folk, and minorities as kindling. Stephen Miller wants to destroy our species because the rest of us are all so repulsed by his being mostly irradiated spider-eggs, blended with copies of Orwell’s 1984. Scott Pruitt wants to rid the surface of the Earth of all living things, and destroy the air we breathe and the water we drink, just because someone pays him to.

These men are truly bad people. BAD HOMBRES that need to be in prison. Led by an obviously, and overtly: unhinged, orange, lunatic, who grows more disturbing and unsettling and DANGEROUS day by day.

To to my friends on the right, I have this cordial message:

Hey, F*****g Maniacs. Guess what? Being PATRIOTIC has NOTHING to do with being loyal to a president, especially one whose dementia has dementia.

Being PATRIOTIC has NOTHING to do with being loyal to a GOP party of billionaires.

Being PATRIOTIC has NOTHING to do with a blind allegiance, when someone in power suffers from a medical condition called “Merry-go-round-broke-down,” that causes one to have horrifically idiotic thoughts, ideas and actions every moment of every day.

The leaks from the White House are from people who are a thousand times more patriotic, than any of the lunatics currently wandering around the White House, scaring all the ghosts. (The exceptions being McMaster and Kelly, who now take turns watching Trump, preventing him from blindly running outside and into traffic, and also, blowing up the world).

Does anyone remember Obama ever having constant leaks from the White House, all of them saying he acts like a maniac? No? Well, that’s mostly because Obama spent almost none of his time being a lunatic. If he had, we would have heard about it.

Trust me.

If ANY PREVIOUS PRESIDENT — spent 30 percent of his day screaming at the television news, and possibly thinking they can hear him in the TV, we would have heard about it.

If Obama had weird, secret meetings with Russia, where he gave up classified information to Russia, and only allowed Russian reporters into the White House that day, and had a history of borrowing close to a trillion dollars from Russian banks, and laundered Russian money for years … and if Obama’s entire cabinet had secret meetings with Sergey Kislyak, and then Obama also insisted we fully support all of Russia‘s endeavors, and drop all sanctions, as we discovered that Obama’s daughters had secret meetings in Obama Tower with Russian spies, who promised dirt on Mitt Romney in exchange for settling a Russian money laundering scheme and unfreezing assets, via an Obama-appointed Attorney General, who ALSO had secret meetings with Sergey Kislyak …

We. Would. Have. Heard. About. It.

And, yes. Obama had his own scandals, like many presidents before him.

I remember how truly shocked I was when Sean Hannity informed us all that Obama likes slightly fancier mustard on his sandwiches than the rest of us.

Sure, I felt shocked, and betrayed, and wondered if Mustard-gate would lead to impeachment.


  • Obama never had a leaking problem.
  • Or called every news publication that uses spellcheck: “fake.”
  • Or gave PTSD to large groups of boy-scouts, by giving them the most disturbing monologue since Dr. Strangelove.
  • Or called Mexico to try to coerce their president to help him hide the truth about funding something — very expensive, and completely useless, that was promised to imbeciles. ( I’ll call them and tell them to say they’re paying for it, and we’ll figure it out later — which is exactly the kind of innovative idea, that would occur to an eight-year-old child that was fed nothing but Pine Sol its entire life).

So, on Obama’s birthday week, I’d like to wish my dear, close, friend Barack, all the best. Thank you Obama, for never putting Russia’s interests ahead of America’s.

P.S. Sorry you get blamed for “phone tapps” with “taps” being misspelled, and sorry all statements from Trump start with the words “What about Obama …”

P.P.S. I apologize for the segment of America that despises you. Please know, it’s not because of your leadership, or your work ethic as president. It’s only because you weren’t born white.

Written By Steven W. Rouach

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