Trump reinvents presidential demeanor

Welcome to the future of lunacy. (Please strap yourself in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride).

Pictured: A president of the United States Of America. Just assume THIS IS WEIRD.

When Donald Trump posted a video of himself, Donald Trump (who, like many previous statesmen, and respected world leaders, once wrestled for the WWE), recreating his famed wrestling bout, but substituting CNN as his opponent, it gave a sense of déjà vu.

It reminded many of the time Obama hastily assembled the press corps, said: “Watch this!” donned a clown wig, tore away his suit to be clad only in ass-less leather chaps, and proceeded to ride a unicycle while juggling some bowling pins, and singing “Super Bonbon” from “Soul Coughing.”

Now, obviously, only one of those two things actually happened, and may I say that Obama, has a shockingly amazing singing voice.

But I kid.

In actuality, Obama, was never seen wearing ass-less leather chaps, and a clown wig, riding a unicycle while juggling*. The reason this never occurred, was because Obama had a traditional presidential demeanor. (An adjective phrase meaning: to act in a way that doesn’t make the entire world laugh at you, until they start to black out from lack of oxygen, and actually pee a little).

*(However, I’m sure in his private moments, Obama may indeed have sang “Super Bonbon,” as many of us have, because it’s a great song, and because he is a sane, and wise, man).

So, let’s discuss presidential demeanor.

  • Remember the time Bill Clinton, in his very first address to Congress as president, showed up wearing a giant mouse costume, and repeatedly shouted “Give me some CHEESE!!!” while violently shaking various terrified members of Congress by their lapels, until the Secret Service, and Congress Security, were able to eventually restrain and sedate him?
  • Or, when Ronald Reagan did a soft shoe tap-dance, on the pole on the top of the Empire State building, to distract America during the Iran/Contra hearings. (He was then buzzed by bi-planes, until he finally released Faye Wray from his simian grip).
  • Or, when John F. Kennedy, during his historic inauguration speech, made fun of the disabled, by physically mocking them on Television, then disparaged all women, by saying “We will go to the moon, and eventually build a base there, and then figure out a way to send all women who rate lower than a “four” in looks over to the moon-base. So, it’s really time to step up your game ladies, if you want to stay with the rest of us, here, on Earth. …”
  • Or when Dwight D. Eisenhower had called all news “fake” and told all Americans how the only person they can trust, more than their spouses, more than their families, is Dwight D. Eisenhower. And that everybody else was lying about him. And that there’s a big, giant, Dwight D. Eisenhower conspiracy, where the news picks on him, in ways they never have before with any other presidents in history?

They reason you don’t remember some of those incidents, is because they never happened. BUT, the reason they seem familiar is due to Donald Trump. That’s our new standard.

Think about that for one second. I’ll gave you a moment.

(Eerie, unsettling music plays)

See, as evidenced by the eerie music you just heard while thinking about this, we now know, that this is a BAD thing.

In our past, the office of president of the United States, had a certain dignified gravitas. It was also the ultimate position to aspire to. As children we were told things like: “Eat your vegetables, or else you’ll never be strong enough to become President of the United States.” This was said to boys. Girls were told, “Eat your vegetables, or else you’ll never be strong enough to move to a country that has women presidents, to then become president of that country.” (I always thought that seemed unfair, but that’s me).

The point is, as Spider-Man’s origin story has taught us, over several reboots, over and over again, “With great power comes great responsibility”. (Spider-Man’s creators, Stan Lee & Steve Ditko, decided not to make Spider-Man an orange, lunatic, septuagenarian, fueled by greed, and insanity. Many feel this is why we haven’t all already been killed by Orange-Lunatic Spider-Man).

Donald Trump has GREAT power, and ZERO responsibility. Here’s but a few examples of this, all of which are REAL. I’m only listing a few, or else I’d have to type this all day, every day, for the rest of my life, and then have someone else continue this article. There’s just too much. …

  • He discussed grabbing women forcibly by the genitals, using the Tic-Tac / Furniture-Shopping ruse**, with a casual acquaintance / near stranger***, on an open mic, in a van, which he was unable to open the doors of to exit from.

**(This ruse, was referred to in the 1920s, as: “The Flim Flammy” or “A Hot Bert,” which “goons” would do to “dames” who had terrific “pins”).

***(Billy Bush has never had an actual friend, hence his subservience.)

  • As a candidate, Trump tweeted a quote (wait for it …) FROM MUSSOLINI. That happened. That happened, and we LET it happen. Google it. (It was also the basis of an episode of NBC’s “The Office,” a few years prior to this. I don’t know, whether I WANT to know, if there’s a connection).
  • He asked the Russians to interfere with our democracy. ON TELEVISION. In front of many live witnesses, during a live telecast. He really did. With his mouth. He opened his mouth, a bat flew out, and he said that. (In Trump’s defense, he was SO exhausted by having to tell Kysliak, Flynn, Sessions, Tillerson, Manafort, Kushner, Page, Stone, etc., to tell Russia this, that he just figured he’d broadcast it on television, just to be SURE).
  • He’s also flippantly given Russia highly classified information, due to his being distracted by his anger at Hillary’s handling of intel. This lead to Israel, whose Mossad has the best intelligence on the planet, to stop sharing intel with the U.S. about who’s going to kill all of us, and when.

These are but four examples of having NO responsibility. But, let’s segue back to Presidential Demeanor, due to my clever use of the word “segue” just moments ago.

Trump has made a laughingstock of the office of president. Hence, America is now the laughingstock of the world. Trump is now the most ridiculed man in the history of humans. We took a BIG hit as far as American influence in how the world is shaped, because, a sizable percentage of us, are quite obviously people who’ll vote for a lunatic.

We have to now tell school children: to NOT do, or say, things the SITTING AMERICAN PRESIDENT says, does, or will do.

Also, since the election of 2016, we’ve seen MUCH evidence in the rise of racism, hatred and insanity all over America. This is due to the psychology of “Now we have a President who is okay with this. He called all Mexicans RAPISTS. Now WE can do whatever we want.”

There’s repercussions for everything Trump’s done thus far, and the results have not been pretty.

The next logical assumption is that Trump’s war on the press, which includes: anyone who accurately reports the things Trump says, and does, in public … will eventually result in the worst of his dwindling supporters getting VIOLENT with the press.

We’re already seeing this happen. Greg Gianforte* ([R] Montana), who has won numerous scientific awards for being a sentient used condom, body slammed a reporter, because the reporter asked him his views of taking away medicaid and medicare, in order to give vast sums of money to the very richest people. (People such as: Greg Gianforte)

(* Fun Fact: The name “Gianforte” translates in Italian to the phrase “gigantic fart” or “gigantic house of farts”, dependent on region and context).

There have been numerous other reports of GOP politicians OPENLY CONDONING VIOLENCE against the press.

And then … Donald Trump, using BOTH his judgement of responsibility and presidential demeanor, joined this crusade of GOP pestilence, by now also CONDONING VIOLENCE against the press. We’ve already seen reporters hurt, arrested, as well as verbally attacked daily. How long until reporters start actually fearing for their lives, due to the all consuming vileness, greed, insanity, foolishness, and corruption, that is Donald Trump?

The press, and all journalism with integrity, has been the last and only line of defense against those who’ll do us great harm. It was created to inform and protect us. Freedom of the press to report on what our leaders do, is a right our soldiers have fought, and died for, spilling blood on battlefields all over the world. Trump, (a man who only likes soldiers who DON’T get captured), sullies their brave and immeasurable sacrifices.

Much like Trump’s main benefactor, Russia, where Putin has journalists regularly murdered, we’ve now taken our first steps in emulation of Russia’s freedom of speech. We’ve lost who we are and Putin has won. We’re now the followers, when we were once the leaders, and, sadly, we’ve already seen the path we’re on.

Written By Steven W. Rouach

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