What goes on in the mind of a writer?

Photo by Caleb Frith on Unsplash

1. “I can’t write. I can’t write anything. It’s been one hour, and I haven’t written anything. Oh what a terrible writer’s block I got this morning. Or is it a hangover? I can’t figure out.”

2. “The lives of all these people I see on Facebook are happy. No one is sad like me. I can’t write one article! How is it that I’m on Facebook? Get back to writing.”

3. “This article by Nutcracker Wolffe has gone viral? Unbelievable! I can write so much better than this.”

4. “Another rejection! This is such a beautiful piece of work, how can the editor reject this! Look at their magazine. This piece stands way above their standards. It’s their loss.”

5. “I must submit a piece to the New Yorker. I’m sure they will like me. I need a confidence boost.”

6. “Can I tweak this piece and submit it elsewhere?”

7. “Now what I just wrote is trash. If this is the kind of trash I produce, I will need another job soon. I can’t even rip it and crumple it and toss it in the farthest trash can. Why do I write on my laptop?”

8. “No one reads me. No one bothers about what I write. Not a single soul on earth reads me. Not even my mom. Am I a writer? Maybe I am an impostor.”

9. “I must grab a coffee. Caffeine helps unlock the secret chambers to the fertile mind. I must write that down before I go.”

10. “How come the caffeine has not yet unlocked the treasures to my mind?’

11. “Will I ever win a Nobel? A Pulitzer maybe? The Booker? Ok, let’s just take the Orange Leaf Awards. Are there any Orange Leaf awards?”

12. “I need to publish my book. But before that, I need to write the book. I have the names of characters ready. Need to work on the story and the plot.”

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