What would a hero do?

Kick Trump in his tiny balls?

Image via NPR, Getty Images

Let me start by being slightly hysterical. I say “slightly’ because I’m sure my Republican friends that are still hanging on by a thread will suggest I’m overreacting. I may be. But here’s the hysterical part: I believe the United States of America is in the most vulnerable position that we have ever experienced in our existence. Yeah, I know, it does sound hysterical.

So rather than talking about what I believe, that which is causing my hysteria, let’s look at what we know:

  • This week it was revealed that the President of the United States of America gave classified information in it’s highest form to the Russians.
  • The information shared came from Israeli intelligence. Our only true ally in the middle east.
  • The information was regarding a possible terrorist threat from ISIS.
  • ISIS hates the United States of America.
  • The former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation has claimed that the President of the United States asked him to back off on an investigation of Michael Flynn, the National Security Advisor of the United States of America, for his communications with Sergey Kislyak Ambassador from Russia.
  • Russia and Iran are known allies.
  • Leaders in Iran have called Israel a “cancerous tumor” and have suggested that Israel should be “annihilated” off of the face of the earth.
  • Kim Jong-un is bat-shit crazy.
  • Putin is in charge of Russia.
  • Russia and North Korea are allies.
  • After Putin won the 2012 presidential election, Kim Jong-un congratulated him, writing in a letter “I wish you achievement in your responsible work for building a powerful Russia,” expressing belief that the traditional bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation would grow stronger.
  • This week Vladimir Putin demanded that the United States of America stop intimidating North Korea.
  • Kim Jong-un has repeatedly said that he would send an ICBM armed with a nuclear weapon to destroy the United States of America if needed.
  • This week North Korea tested an ICBM capable of reaching Guam.
  • Republican leaders in the House and the Senate are silent and have done nothing.

We’ve seen how the white house handles its own internal crises, almost on a daily basis, can you imagine how they would handle a national crisis? What if there were a major terrorist attack or a hurricane pummeled a major U.S city?

Now let’s talk about what I believe.

I believe that Donald Trump is incapable of holding the office of the Presidency of the United States of America. He is an unprincipled, spoiled child who will do and say anything that he believes is in his own interest.

Sorry to be Trump-ish, but we all know this is true. He’s an immature, self-centered narcissistic brat. At any given moment when he feels that he has the smallest penis in the room he will whip it out and wave it around and if the media reports that there was someone else in the room with a larger penis he will call them liars and sue them for libel or ask the former Director of the FBI if he could jail them for divulging that he has a small penis. Because clearly that’s classified. Or if his penis waving was deemed inappropriate he will attempt to justify the need to wave his tiny penis after his staff and surrogates were dispatched to deny that he actually waved his little, bitty penis.

But clearly I digress with the bigly penis talk.

This “man” is at the helm as the United States of America navigates some seriously treacherous waters.

But let’s put the interest and safety of the United Sates of America aside for a minute and talk politics. Because clearly that’s more important.

Donald Trump received an average of 30 percent of Republican primary voters when there was still a choice in the primaries. Most established conservatives didn’t come on board until it was clear that he would be the nominee. And I would suggest that it was a sort of “Vichy” acceptance of Trump.

So of that 30 percent, (I’ll even go 40 percent for the sake of argument) let’s consider how many of those voters truly believed in Trump. That he would “build the wall” or “lock her up” or would torture family members of known terrorists or that Mexicans were “thieves and rapists” or that he would repeal Obamacare or would tag China as a currency manipulator or that he would de-fund planned parenthood. I could go on and on.

Now I get it that many of these supporters will stand true because of the cult of Trump. But not all. Even Anne Coulter jumped ship this week. Let’s talk numbers.

I would say that of his true 40 percent base, 15 percent of those are, bigoted poor, uneducated folks who don’t know better. For the record, I drive a Ford F-350, own guns, ride a horse, don’t have a high school diploma let alone a college degree. I have a pig and a goat and a whole bunch of tattoos, none of which are tribal or depict a cartoon character. Just saying, I get it.

Then there are the 15 percent legitimately pissed-off, working-class Americans who haven’t felt any change, let alone hope in the past eight years. They are priced out of the housing market, they can’t afford health care under the new rules. Life sucks and they're pissed. Can you blame them for voting for Trump?

Then comes the remaining 10 percent. The Vichy. Those that claim to be a “conservative” Republican, but didn’t have a choice. He won. we needed a supreme court justice, but you know … Hillary, we know he sucks, but.…

Ninety-nine percent of the House and Senate Republicans, party leaders, kool-aid drinkers more concerned with their party than the country fall in to that 10%.

To me these are the worst. Those more interested in protecting their party over country. They knew he was a dangerous liability. They have sat back as he slowly drives us down a hole. Occasionally offering up slight concern or subtle spankings.

So, politically standing up and doing what’s right means you may alienate the 15 % of true believers. And since Trump got a little less than half the votes we’ll call it an even 7.5% of total voters. A small percentage compared to the other 92.5%.

Never mind the fate of the United States of America, just think what this is doing to your party. The party of standing on the curb watching the house burn down. There is nothing heroic about walking in to a burned down building. Heroes rush in as it burns.

Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan Call for a bi-partisan investigation. Now.

Otherwise you’ll be the party of cowards standing on the curb for years to come.