He will replace Supreme Court Justices with people similar to Scalia.
Donald Trump is like a box of chocolates.
Lon Shapiro

You mean dead people?

If so, that may not be Trump’s worst idea.

Thank you for this exploration of what a president Trump really intends to do. I’m getting more concerned that we may actually end up with a president Trump. He excels at pushing the buttons of the disaffected: the formerly middle class white males whose livelihoods are diminished, the border dwellers who want ‘merica back, and the evangelicals who will bypass any rational thought if a candidate will pander directly to them. Trump will win these demographics and there are a lot of them.

It seems crazy that history’s most qualified presidential candidate is in a remotely close race with history’s least qualified major party nominee, but that’s where we are. Hillary Clinton needs some brave, new, convincing arguments that can win over the disaffected Americans mentioned above. I fear the water is already too poisoned by the Republicans’ smear campaigns and fear mongering. She can win the rational. I don’t think she can win the wounded.