Zombie TV: NFL advertising is under the control of DFS

Braaaaiiiinnnnnsssss … I used to have some. Then I watched too many ads during football games.

julian rogers
Oct 24, 2015 · 2 min read

If you’ve watched any NFL games lately, you’re at risk. I know. I’m one of the hunted. Who are we? We are the unfortunate survivors of televised NFL games. The ads are eating our brains.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) outfits such as DraftKings, FanDuel, DraftOps, DailyMVP and probably six others since I started writing this, are printing cash with their not-yet-illegal online gambling businesses. They can reach right into your wallet via your smartphone, tablet or PC. The process starts by beating you into submission with waves of television ads.

The National Football League is under attack from many fronts: concussion lawsuits, domestic violence abusers, union disputes, unfair labor practices, sexual assault, and more. The demons in the NFL’s PR department are definitely earning their pay.

But the worst threat to the NFL may very well be their cuddly relationship with online gambling. Not only are DFS clearly heading down the road of being outlawed on a federal level, the NFL remains hard at work sullying its already-muddy reputation by accepting billions of dollars from these outfits. Does it make sense to keep wringing cash out of these businesses? It must. The money is just too good to pass up. Damn the future! We’ll worry about our reputation later when all of our best advertisers have been shut down by the feds. Or states. Or local prosecutors.

Right now, those local prosecutors are the only line of defense we have against the onslaught of DFS advertising. Have you had it with these ads? Do you want to just kick someone in the stomach? If so, I encourage you to read my article NFL advertising has hit rock bottom, published in Absurdist.

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