Netflix announces new show category: “Dinner Safe.”

Can I eat spaghetti and not see someone's intestines tonight, please?

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The Hmmingbird


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

New York, NY, 9:03 AM, 05/16/24

Has this ever happened to you? You’re with your family sitting on the couch about to have dinner.

You put on Netflix.

30 seconds later . . .





And now even some hard cock.


And then just to make sure you never want to eat again, some more gut-heaving foulness that can only be described if accompanied by the video results of an old man’s colonoscopy.

So much for eating now.

Had enough?

Well, it seems Netflix has finally listened to you.

“We now have a Dinner Safe category,” said Fran Gastrone, VP of Netflix Content Marketing. “We realized that after some surprises in a recent show, (she’s probably talking about the big erect cock no one expected to see, not that there is anything necessarily “wrong” with that of course) we needed to give more options to our customers.”