Top 5 Ways you can Work on Building Your ‘Interesting’ Factor

In a world where people are all encouraged to like the same things, watch the same TV, go to the same movies, listen to the same music — conformity reigns supreme and conformity does not make for an interesting person. People, at the end of the day, are attracted to other interesting people. Interesting opinions, interesting stories, interesting hobbies, simply put: interesting lives. If you find yourself at a party, in a classroom, at a job surrounded by interesting people and wonder what they have that you don’t, it’s simply that they are probably doing and making an effort to experience more. Below are 5 things that you can do to make yourself more interesting.

Be Constantly Learning

The most interesting people to talk to and be around are people that know a lot about the world. These people are constantly reading, listening to podcasts, searching out new information, making notes of things to look up, bookmarking interesting articles, engaging with ideas and thinking critically about the world. Knowledge is power, and more importantly, it is the power to educate and inform other people about what you know, adding something to their lives. People want to be around people who add value to their lives, intellectual, emotional or otherwise.

Explore the World

Exploring the world doesn’t mean that you have to plant your personal flag at the top of Mount Everest, or traverse the deepest darkest corners, of the deepest darkest jungle, it simply means that you should get out and experience what’s around you. Take a walk through a neighbourhood that you have never seen, plan a weekend trip to a nearby town that you’ve never heard of, and most importantly, open your eyes while you are doing it.


There is an old axiom that some people see more in a day than others will see in a lifetime. This is not so much a quote about opportunity, as it is a quote about observation. Interesting people are interesting because they observe. The world is an interesting place if you pay attention to what’s going on around you. The public transportation ride to work, or school can be profoundly interesting, if only you put down the phone and look out the window.

Embrace your uniqueness

The one thing that most people do not realize about themselves is that there are parts of their personality and psychological makeup that are not textbook “normal,” and that’s a good thing. Identify and embrace the things that make you different from other people and let them shine through. Interesting people are considered as such because they are not carbon copies of everyone else. You are who you are, and while no one should ever shy away from making themselves better, more complete human beings, being comfortable with and confident in the weird things that you say, or do (as long as they aren’t hurting anyone), is endearing, not a turn off.

Be Passionate About Something

People tend to be worried that they are passionate about the wrong things. If you really like something, know a lot about it, understand why it fulfills you the way it does, then let that come through. Anything, communicated with enough passion and palpable interest can be engaging. Most people would rather listen to someone lecture passionately about their obsession with coin collecting, than someone robotically running through a recent trip to somewhere amazing.

Most, if not everyone has at least something interesting about them. Even a life that appears superficially boring, when you dig deeper, probably has some extraordinary elements to it. The key to making yourself a more interesting person is to constantly be striving to learn about the world, to experience as much of it as you can, and share that knowledge and experience with other people. Keep the above knowledge about what makes an interesting person in mind and unlock your potential by being true to yourself and exploring yourself and life to the fullest. Our writers are interesting people. Contact Homework Help Canada today and let us assign one of them to your research papers, assignments, or any other coursework needs.


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