The Honest Perspective Weekly Prompt

25th April — 1st May

Image by Nicolas Messifet on Unsplash

Whether the ideas have slowed to a trickle or you’re just feeling curious and in the mood for a little reflection. Our weekly prompt is an invitation to ruminate on an idea and see what arises.

Be it poetry or prose you’d like to submit to us, or a journal entry for your eyes only, take a moment to pause at some point during your week and set your pen…




Publishing articles on all aspects of daily life that can offer a new perspective born from personal experience and honest reflection. A place to be seen and heard as our true selves and empower & inspire others.

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Writing on the female experience, race, motherhood & self-development. Columnist at The Green Parent magazine. Follow me on IG @adeola_moonsong.

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The Honest Perspective Weekly Prompt

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