This Week at Half Horn #2

Third week of September

I am writing this piece from the corners of a new cafe in Meherchand market, New Delhi. Two knuckle heads who also happen to work for Half Horn are playing Jenga. One of them just declared “shit just got real”. This work outing was insisted by Abhit, my fellow co-founder, after an overwhelming week. The week was of great importance to Half Horn. We had been working with great focus on building the right products to be rolled out in the coming months. The most crucial aspect at this stage is the market reach, for there will be some great products that mustn’t go unnoticed in the market. Our focus for designing these products was to create space-efficient items that are so high on aesthetics, they can light up any room when placed in. We debated quite a lot on whether to do more lifestyle accessories, or create different products. A lot of times we see a great introduction of accessories in the lifestyle category, and even though we thoroughly enjoy creating graphics for that category, we feel a great need to evolve in to designing products from scratch, completely taking over managing materials and treating them with different finishing and washes to see the effect it has on the main material. This has been a lot of fun, so much so that we are still looking out for different materials and methods we can try to make ravishing products that add aesthetic value to even the dullest of rooms.

We are focusing greatly on Instagram. There we had been sharing content that was mostly educating about our products, which we want to continue with a good mix of content that covers the heart and soul of Half Horn — our people. A lot goes behind creating the simplest of graphics, and we want to ensure we share our joys and aspirations with the ever-so-engaging world of Instagram.

We came up with a brilliant product idea this week, the launch of which would be perfectly timed with jubilant Diwali planning. I am so excited to launch this product, I almost can’t contain it.

Music on loop: How Deep is your Love by Calvin Harris.
Movie this weekend: Gone Girl.
Book this week: A Brief History of the Great Moghuls by Bamber Gascoigne.

Follow us on Instagram, I plan to announce some freebies and offers for our followers, and it would be a shame to miss out!

Have a happy day,
Natasha Yadav
Co-Founder, Half Horn

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