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This Collection of Horror Tales Has Something for Everyone

Forbidden Tales by Luke Kennith Xavier

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Forbidden Tales by Luke Kennith Xavier is a collection of three horrific tales that vary in their degrees of scare. I appreciated how different each story was from the next and am positive that readers will find enjoyment in any of the three stories. Xavier’s writing is fluid and beautiful, and this collection impossible to put down!

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Forbidden Tales by Luke Kennith Xavier is a unique collection of three horror shorts. I found that all three shorts were widely different from the next, and I enjoyed the variety. My personal favorite story from the collection was From the Journal of Dr. J.T. Martian. This story focuses on a baby who has a fatal condition, but is healed, only for the doctor to find out that there is horror behind the supposed “miracle” of the healing of the baby. This story felt very gothic, and I enjoyed the slow eeriness that built as the story progressed.



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