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This Read is a Dark Fantasy Horror Adventure for the Ages

The Searcher’s Lament by Saige Denmark

The brighter the light, the greater the darkness.

Bastion has nothing but his unfailing optimism, kind heart, and smile. An orphan on the famine-struck planet of Ghede, he’s as poor and tattered as the planet he lives on, stealing food just to survive. But there’s something special about Bastian-something the powerful Lord Balthazar wants-and he’ll stop at nothing to possess it and use it for his own evil purposes.

When Kian wakes up in the trash-filled wasteland of Ghede, he remembers nothing-a broken man with no past, no clue who he is, and no future. Befriended by Rhyz, the two vow to build a spaceship and escape their hopeless existence. However, Kian can’t shake the crippling self-doubt of not knowing who he is. So when he meets a mysterious emissary of Lord Balthazar who could hold the key to his past, he and Rhyz embark on a search across the universe for the truth.

It’s a journey that will thrust him in the middle of an epic battle between good and evil, light and darkness. Now the fate of the universe depends on Kian rescuing the blue-eyed orphan imprisoned by Lord Balthazar. But when the secrets of Kian’s past are within his grasp, he’s faced with an impossible choice…one that might cost him his very soul.

Filled with excellent world-building and heart-warming relationships, The Searcher’s Lament beautifully intertwines complex storytelling with poignant comments on fear and socioeconomic inequality.

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The Searcher’s Lament by Saige Denmark is an expertly crafted dark fantasy novel that drips with elements of horror. Denmark’s world building is complex and artistic, and her characters come alive with each word. It is a must read!

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I’ve been a fantasy fan nearly all of my life, but I am absolutely in love with dark fantasy that features elements of horror. I couldn’t wait to read The Searcher’s Lament by Saige Denmark, and I immediately became lost in her world upon opening the book. It can often be difficult to fully immerse myself in complex fantasy, but Denmark writes in such a way that her world and characters are easy to understand and visualize. Her words create such a vibrant world, that it is impossible not to get trapped within it.

Denmark’s cast of beautifully named characters all make the story as beautiful as it is. It is clear that she put her heart and soul into creating them, and they all jumped from the page. Kian is a such a complex and complicated protagonist, that I often found myself infatuated with him.

While there are horror elements, they are lighter than other forms of horror, so this book would an excellent read for anyone who enjoys fantasy and can tolerate some light horror.

The battle between good and evil is action packed, exciting, and almost philosophical. The stakes were high, and I found myself on edge towards the climax of the story. I have not been so infatuated with a novel in quite some time, and I am so thankful to have had the pleasure of reading The Searcher’s Lament.

If you are a fan of dark fantasy that borders on high fantasy and is laced with elements of horror, The Searcher’s Lament by Saige Denmark should absolutely be your next read. It is a beautiful book filled with creative language and excellent character and world building. I can’t wait to see where Saige Denmark goes with her writing!

I wrote this book when it seemed as if the darkness had overwhelmed the light in my life. I ripped out my broken soul and put it on paper. When the blood and ink dried, it created a beautiful mosaic. This is my journey — my search — to rediscover who I am and what my purpose is. To those readers on your own journey, I dedicate these words to you.

Saige Denmark

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