How old fashioned empathy can save your hotel from a bad review

Victoria C Lawson
Jan 17, 2018 · 3 min read

While seamless digital experiences are extremely important in our industry today, it’s vital not to forget that human interactions still go a long way in providing customers with memorable personal experiences.

A study by Gallup News ‘From Economy to Luxury, What Matters Most to Hotel Guests’ emphasises the importance of staff participation, reminding us that good old fashioned customer service will always remain vitally important as part of the revenue generating cycle.

‘Hotel staff members who can handle problems with ease, provide reliable service, and be responsive to customers’ needs represent an enormous competitive advantage.

By engaging customers, hotels are more likely to reap significantly higher share of wallet from their “customers for life.’

Canadian based Delta Hotels provides us with a fantastic example of combining advances in tech, staff initiative and human empathy, turning a potential bad review into a great experience for one of their guests.

While staying at one of their properties, visitor Mike McCready tweeted a photo commenting on the strength and comfort of his room interior but mentioning he was disappointed with the view. He did not use Delta’s official twitter handle but used the hashtag #PSEWEB tagging a large conference in the area. He was seemingly not expecting a reply and was not lodging an official complaint.

Meticulous social media monitoring of the conference hashtag by Delta staff meant they were able to pick up his feedback and respond, to his surprise, within an hour.

Twitter conversation between @DeltaHotelsLtd and their guest
Room view posted on twitter via an Instagram link

Delta wanted to put Mike in a new room but since he was leaving the next day, he told them that changing rooms wouldn’t make much sense. The interaction could have stopped there but continuing with their empathic approach Delta staff sent a hand-written note and pastries to his room.

The result for the cost of a few sweet treats — a happy customer touched by above and beyond service and personal empathy of the hotel team. Someone who is therefore likely to return and tell their friends about this experience.

Tip: monitor the hashtags of large events in your area like Delta Hotels to pick up on guest feedback. Combine findings with staff EQ to go the extra mile.

Victoria C Lawson

Written by

The Hotel Stories

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