The Summer I Watched My Wife: Chapter One

Marc’s young foreign exchange student is the first to discover the truth of his obsession

The first time she saw me watching her, she knew the truth about my obsession.

We had thrown a party that died down late, and the summer night was cool enough that the remaining guests moved from the pool to the hot tub, throwing their bikinis and bathing suits on the stone tile. Fiona had made at least two friends–some college kids of my neighbors I invited over to make her feel welcome–and the three of them sat in the warm water chatting as I finished picking up glasses, collecting towels, and generally making the place presentable. The maid would arrive in the morning to do the serious cleaning, but I always feel better when I get a start on it. And that fact that there were two gorgeous twenty-year-old women, and one naked man in the hot tub didn’t hurt either.

They didn’t mind me as I did my simple chores, and they talked into the night about college, classes, professors, travel, and sex. In fact, the night might have been otherwise uneventful if I wasn’t still outside when Fiona got out of the hot tub to fetch another bottle of wine from the fridge in the cabana. I had just dropped off a bag of garbage and was washing my hands in the sink when she walked in, naked as the day she was born. I turned, ready to say something clever, and then instantly shut my mouth.

She stopped in front of me, not a shy bone in her European body, and she watched me devour her with eyes that saw everything. As my gaze moved from her feet up her muscular thighs and then to the smooth space in between them, she took me in as much as I did her. Her stomach, her breasts, her collarbone were all swallowed by my look, and when I finally reached her eyes, she smiled at me and nodded.

“Is it alright if we drink another bottle of Prosecco?” she asked, stepping past me. Unable to say a word, I pulled the fridge open and stepped back, watching in awe as she bent over, pulled the bottle from the bottom shelf, and then stood up once more.

“Can we grab two?” came a voice from behind her, and I turned to find my neighbor’s son Jason, just as naked, standing next to me. He was tall and handsome and had the body of a young athlete, far more chiseled and fit than I ever was. His cock was semi-hard, and I had to force myself not to stare at this naked man as I nodded and told them to help themselves to whatever they liked. He nodded at me, his eyes also on her ass and he smiled. “Well thanks for making this happen, Marc. We really appreciate the chance to get to know Fiona.”

“Sure,” I mumbled. “Anytime.”

Fiona grabbed another bottle, bending over once more and giving us both a perfect glimpse of her ass and her delicate lips just visible between her thighs. I closed my eyes for a moment, unable to allow myself to feel what I was feeling. Seconds later she closed the door and started back to the hot tub with her new friend’s arm around her waist. They looked like they had gotten to know each other rather quickly, and when he reached down and squeezed her ass, I nearly jumped. Just as I thought I was in the clear, she turned one last time and winked at me.

“Don’t let Maria see that,” she said with a laugh before she stepped back into the steaming water. I looked down at where she had pointed and realized that my bathing suit was tented in the extreme. I turned back to the sink, dousing my hands and face in cold water as I listened to their chatter. As much as I tried to think away my excitement, all I could do was remember. All I could think about was her perfect body as she stood in front of me, knowing just what I wanted. And now that I look back, I believe she may have understood me better than I did myself.

Fiona had only been with us for a few weeks, but I had been so busy finishing up with clients that I hadn’t seen much of her. It had been a last-minute decision to let her stay with us for the summer, and while I wasn’t exactly regretting it, it did make me nervous. But she needed a place to stay before school started in the fall, and the college didn’t offer housing to international students. Maria convinced me it would be nice to have someone younger around the house, especially since we had moved up to the country, away from many of our friends, and I wasn’t going to argue. It didn’t hurt that she was willing to help out around the house in exchange for her room and board.

Back inside, I climbed into bed with my wife. We had been together for just under five years–we were both on our second marriages–and our sex life was still good. In fact, even when she was drinking, which she often was, she still loved to fuck. I stripped down naked and slid in behind her, my hard cock pressing into her ass while I pulled her to me. She wiggled against me, before sitting up just enough to take another sip of wine.

“You’re friendly tonight. Did you get excited seeing those cute girls in the hot tub?”

“I have a beautiful girl right here in my bed,” I said, ignoring her taunt with practice.

“You have a willing girl,” she joked, parting her thighs as I positioned myself behind her. I licked my hand and then coated my cock in saliva before pushing slowly inside her. She rocked her hips gently back until I buried myself within her, and both of us moaned in the familiar pleasure of our connection. With one hand on her hip, I pulled her to me, leaning back so I was deep inside her, and then I started to fuck her in earnest. Her hair covered the pillow in a blonde fan, and I looked down at where our bodies met to see her stretched open around me.

And then, for at least a moment, less than a second I’m sure, it was the boy from the hot tub instead of me, his thick cock pounding into my wife. I instantly wondered if they were outside fucking as well. No matter how hard I tried to focus or think of something else, there was nothing to be done. I pictured him fucking both of them, Maria and Fiona, moving back and forth between them as I watched with my mouth open and my cock hard. But mostly I pictured him here, laying my wife down on our bed, and fucking her over and over again until he came inside her.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, pulling Maria to me as I thrust deep inside her. “I’m gonna come.”

“Come in me,” she moaned, her fingers now between her legs rubbing her clit. I closed my eyes, pictured it all once more, and then I was done, coming hard as I bit my hand so as not to scream. I pulled her closer once I finished, and her hand moved out from between her legs and up to her pillow.

“That was sweet,” she said, taking another sip of her wine.

“Do you want to come too?” I asked, realizing she had been close.

“I’m too drunk,” she said turning and kissing me gently on the lips. “But it’s okay. I liked it all the same. You still feel so good inside me. I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” I whispered, kissing her again before she rolled over. Her hair was warm in my face, and I shut my eyes in the darkness, the laughter from the patio drifting gently off into the night. I lay there for a long while, satisfied, but still awake, and I’m not sure if I slept at all. It was close to four in the morning when I finally got up and went to the bathroom to take a drink of water. I left the light off and peered out through the window onto the pool and cabana. There, in the dim light of the hot tub, I could see two bodies in the water. He was sitting on the edge, his hands behind him and his strong shoulders arched as she knelt in the heat, her head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock.

In the dim light, it was impossible to tell if it was Fiona or her friend, but it didn’t matter. In my mind, it was those big blue eyes looking up at him as she wrapped her lips around his cock. It was her blonde hair and her strong hands taking him into her mouth as she sucked him off in front of me. And now I honestly don’t remember if it was only my imagination or if it happened at all. But in the middle of it all, she sat up, her breasts trembling as she looked up at the window even while her hand still worked its way up and down that glorious cock. And then she was back, her mouth around him as I wrapped my hand around my dick. It took me less than a minute to come once more, and from what I could tell, the same was true for him.

I crawled back into bed, exhausted, overwhelmed, and suddenly completely and utterly screwed. I wanted so many things at the same time, and I didn’t even know where to begin. For so long I had put off my desires, but suddenly I was shifting them to where it was possible, and it did things to me that I couldn’t understand.



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