All the Endless Sky

Inside our heart

Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl
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1 min readNov 8, 2023


photo by Taylor Van Riper on Unsplash

Like a dream woven through the stars
the eternal sings through every moment,
and its silence like an endless sky
across the universe
is breathing through our life,
whispering in our intuitive heart
with a song every heart knows
but no ear can hear.

We live through moments
transient and sometimes beautiful
like the fleeting form of ocean waves,
or the sudden harmonies of wispy cloud
blown into shifting patterns
by the winds of change
that weave all through our days,
reminding us
of the endless impermanence
of every moment of our life,
and the enduring presence
of the silence and the starlight in our heart.

The eternal brings life to planet Earth,
and as children of a conscious universe
we can know the hidden beauty
of its boundless soul,
the wisdom of its silence
weaving us into meaning,
a continuous dance of realization
within the universal,
its gentle intelligence
somehow touching every moment,
and maybe when all the light
borrowed by our human life
returns to everything that is,
we’ll find we’re woven
through its endless sky,
where always
there’s the silence
and the knowing,
like a song
with no end
and no beginning.



Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl

Writer and Designer based in London. Writing about intuition, consciousness ....