Because the Sky

Is sometimes blue

Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl
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2 min readMay 15, 2024


photo by John McCann on Unsplash

Sometimes the eternal
sings all through our heart,
free like the wind
and the wind blown ocean,
and when we pause from the busy everyday,
let thought dissolve in dreamy trance,
like when we’re maybe on a train
gliding through suburbs and the downtown lights,
the eternal sometimes brings us
moments touched by meaning,
gifting us some wisdom
as though its light were in our bones
while it weaves a flower
inside our heart.

brings the eternal poetry of silence
to the heart of every human being,
a whisper of the timeless,
healing us with all the light becoming life,
while moments of clarity reveal
the infinite and inexpressible
no eye can see
but every heart knows,
the conscious silence touching all our lives
with something of its beauty,
weaving us all through itself,
all through each other
and our conscious universe.

Like a river swirl, every moment
makes just a fleeting appearance in this world,
though something constant’s always here
inside the endless change of everyday,
the eternal like a hidden flower
touching every star,
is writing the poetry of life
into every moment,
every ending bringing new beginnings,
every new beginning
a step into the hidden,
a subtle mystery,
the hidden beauty woven through
a boundless conscious ocean
and the blue sky
of this early London morning.

Paul Mulliner 2024

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