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The Howling Owl



by beauty from within

collage of wilting petals off a waning bouquet — by author

Swallowing the world vast in whole
in the gentle bosom’s treasure trove
ardent ethos hidden — smeared in kohl
smothering ruth aplenty, the pacifier dove

my follies, tad trifle and many fold
my spirits ripe, gravid in wisdom true
the decree fierce, brazenly blatant bold
my love — gushing vehemently gallant through

parables vied for, in slivers of full moon
heartstrings spun splattered on mosaic hues
true wishes sprinkled to the heart’s tune

in the light of Vesper’s vista, in yonder cruise

touch of clemency in compassionate grace
for dance of Life, in transcendent embrace!

Viraji Ogodapola © May, 2022.

In celebration of womanhood — for the love and lives we nurture all along — for Mother’s Day, 2022!



The Howling Owl is a juried publication featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews. The publication is committed to quality creative work from a diverse group of writers.

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Viraji Ogodapola

ashes dusted away in morph, in that moment next I’d be.. for now, here I am, grappling in just being..