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Have You Seen the Power of Vapors?

To the world’s oppressors

Photo by Łukasz Łada on Unsplash

desperate souls of your creation —
a vapor of better life an illusion?
in search of pastures — not greener
but possibilities envisioned —
best foot forward — hope blinds —
for self, for their love,
for the newborn unquestioned.

you — yourselves possessing souls
or lack thereof —
are no less desperate
seeking power omnipotent, a fantasy of
narcissism you deliberate.

you — in the crowded spiral stream —
a smear, maybe
orange life-jacketed, maybe
in the blue
reflected above in azure
a brief second —
then the vortex sucks you in.
do you think you can control everyone?

dew drops are stronger than steel —
vapors have more presence
who willingly evaporate.

are you aware
the deepest corners of living minds
are private
over these, you have no power —
not even to the stars will these cower.

but clouds

caress you in her bosom she could
or drown you in her wrath she would.

do you wish for immortal existence?
join the winged angels
or squeeze into the bodies of hogs?
you are your fellows —
the collective volume of vapors — know
respect is earned not demanded

nor fabricated.

© PseuPending

© PseuPending 2022

Thanks to Zay Pareltheon and Viraji Ogodapola at The Howling Owl for a nurturing nest.



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