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Concert of Birds — painting by Frans Snyders — 1629–1630, Prado, Madrid [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

In the nights we preach and perch
Whence the souls weary, weep and lurch

With the lights dim, we plough and sow
Through days grim, in might the hearts avow

Your truth far-stretched, my comrade dear
Resonates not, with mine laid in grand veneer

Unbigoted in peace, joyously we foregather
On grounds bare in candour, cheerily on we blather

Viraji Ogodapola

An owl’s hoot today in celebration of our journey together in hootenanny¹ at The Howling Owl!

The idea of a welcoming stamping ground for the laborious penmanship we like to display — a place for us to erratically share, heartily publicize our craftsmanship and to get genuinely engaged in constructive feedback with an insightful readership was lingering for sometime. Medium is all good and full of happening pubs. Yet, there are those of us who would drop in only occasionally for a good read — and constantly fail at keeping up with the rest of its frenzy and eventually be foredoomed with being left out!

It was Zay’s wonderful idea to come up with a new publication that would fill the void for the kind of essays, book reviews, fiction and poetry we were looking for to read— all in one go. A meaningful literary exchange in collaboration with the community was the mission we envisioned. All the homework and the legwork had already been done— whilst attending to his garden and the grand kids in between.

But I wasn’t ready. It was a bad time — a time spent grappling on coming to terms with deep grief, and trying to get my act together. And so, Zay just hung about. Good friends often do. With advice on how to reprieve, useful book recommendations, and some occasional Zay wisdom (yup, of the Zay’s Zen kind).

And he let me in on the magic formula;

{T+P+F > Move Mountains}

Time, Patience and Force applied in the right direction leaves you with potency mightier than that which moves mountains.

With enough time, we set the The Howling Owl sail on uncharted waters on a fine Thursday (yes, we missed that Wednesday!) in March 2022.
And today, having passed the 20th milestone, we celebrate our 21st edition in hootenanny¹ — a spectacular performance of substantial literary exchange by the folks, for the folks within the community.

How to Howl — The Submission Guidelines
Screenshots of The Howling Owl’s inaugural edition on 10th March 2022

Our archive today attests to the exceptional work we have been so triumphantly displaying over the months.

As we sail along, we would like to acknowledge the first contributors of our inaugural edition with much gratitude for the trust they placed in us;

Jessica Lee McMillan², Alan Asnen³, Sally A Mortemore, John E Marks, Andrea Juillerat-Olvera, Zach J. Payne.

While being grateful for our regular contributors for flavouring the owl’s voice as is:

Michelle Scorziello, Alex Guenther, Breathe & Be Still, Marilyn J Wolf , William J Spirdione, Kevin E. Pittack Jr., Barry Dawson Jr. IV, Colm Clark, Chelsea Brown.

With special thanks to our dear friend Alan Asnen³ for having generously let us take over the smashing concept of Two Minutes⁴, to continue on with his legacy.

We eagerly await to see more of the sparkling work gracing our pages from our busy writer base:

Jenine Bsharah Baines, Joseph Lieungh, Paroma Sen, Vic Spandrio, Jesse M. Gonzalez, Lennie Varvarides, Josie ElBiry, Lori Lamothe, Samantha Lazar, Era Garg, Connie Song, Georgiana Petec, Danielle Loewen.

We thank our readers, followers and well wishers sincerely for joining us on this hootenanny today — hoot on! we shall — flying high, and remembering our nest.

  1. Hootenanny — is an informal performance by folk singers, typically with participation by the audience.
  2. Not so frequent on this platform anymore, Jessica’s recent ventures dazzle in print at Pinhole Poetry, Gap Riot Press, Antilang, Blank Spaces, Willows Wept Review etc. now as a member of the Royal City Literary Arts Society and an associate member of The League of Canadian Poets. A gem of a friend, Jessica’s been a core integral part of our support system throughout.
  3. Although no longer present on this platform, Alan is very much in touch and we still get our regular dose of two minute’s worth of world politics, climate crisis, pandemic lies and delectable Italian vegetarian recipes on a good day!
  4. Given the context and nature of Alan’s posts, I strongly suspected a direct connection of his Two Minutes Alone pub to the glorified hate rituals in the Two Minute Hate shows in George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. And, he just confirmed so. Well, now that the playground is all yours, you know what to do!



The Howling Owl is a juried publication featuring poetry, fiction, essays, and reviews. The publication is committed to quality creative work from a diverse group of writers.

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Viraji Ogodapola

ashes dusted away in morph, in that moment next I’d be.. for now, here I am, grappling in just being..