Life’s Fleeting Moments

Sometimes bring us poetry

Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl
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2 min readJan 3, 2024


photo by Vidar Nordli Mathisen on Unsplash

Life’s stream of thoughts, impressions, feelings,
slide and glide and disappear
like water slipping through our fingers,
and all the while, unwavering, constant,
like the moon through wind-blown cloud,
a conscious silence in our heart,
the whisper of a universal soul,
is bringing calm
to the chatter of the everyday,
gifting us a seeing that’s like knowing,
and a knowing that’s like love,
a silent song helping us grow beautiful
in touch with wisdom
woven through the silence.

The conscious universe
knows all the fleeting moments
of our human life,
and sometimes in the silence,
the inner eye of every heart
sees deep into the universal soul,
the unlimited, the hidden,
the boundless and inexpressible
somehow touching all our lives,
the intelligence that brings wildflowers,
and the gentle hum of bees,
a poetry of insight
helping us know its presence,
generous and providential
like sunlight in a summer garden.

Our human form lives just once,
though the soul of the universe inside us
lives forever,
weaving intelligence through life,
and while we have our time here on this Earth,
it breathes all through our heart,
a star-filled sky showing us our path,
revealing something never seen
but always known inside the silence,
an inner poetry,
a whisper in the wind that touches every star
and every human life,
while all the moments lost
and gone forever
echo everywhere
across the misty sky.



Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl

Writer and Designer based in London. Writing about intuition, consciousness ....