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Sometimes touch our heart

Paul Mulliner
The Howling Owl
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2 min readApr 17, 2024


photo by Soliman Cifuentes on Unsplash

Shadows dance on nearby sunlit walls
and moments fade like whispers
in some half-remembered dream,
while the conscious silence in our heart
brings sudden inspirations
like swirls appearing in an unseen ocean
touching every star,
helping us see life as a journey
where we find and know the hidden
weaving intelligence through every moment,
helping us see there’s always
more to understand,
more to know,
while the silent song
sings all through our heart,
bringing meaning to the ordinary
and the everyday.

In the deepest inner silence
there can sometimes be a shift
in our knowing of ourselves,
as though the conscious universe
dissolved us everywhere all through itself,
with every star and synapse
woven in a sacred dance,
their spiral orchestration all arranged and tuned
so the eternal could express itself
as this moment, now,
a moment that so touched our heart
it became somehow part of us,
like when we gazed at stars across the endless sky
and caught a glimpse of something
almost inexpressible
in all the restless clamour of the everyday,
the universal soul woven through all life,
the harmony of silence
becoming visible as light,
the hidden whispering
all through every heart.

Sometimes we can hear this silence,
the song of the eternal,
the hidden flower bringing intuition
to artists of the soul
and keepers of the inner flame,
showing travelers of the inner path
the hidden beauty woven through all life,
the hidden beauty bringing tulips
and the silent poetry of wisdom
whispered to our inner ear,
revealing the eternal,
the almost inexpressible, the Tao,
while shadows dance on nearby sunlit walls,
and moments fade like whispers
in some half-remembered dream.

Paul Mulliner 2024

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