The Howling Owl
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The Howling Owl


splatter, shatter, scatter.


photo by author.

refracted lamplight quivers as the drops
of slacking drizzle pluck the puddle-streaks;
it hasn’t rained in unremitting weeks
of sun-strike. now the thickened runoff plops
and splats from branches; pot-bound urban crops
unbend, unfurling withered fronds to seek
brief saturation. sodden squirrels sneak
down power-lines; the downpour slowly stops.

the final droplet-bombs make puddles twitch;
red taillight-smudges shatter into sparks,
quick ripples flaring on the viscous street -

photonic fingers striking chords, their pitch
inaudible, their incandescent arcs
now tapering, their fluid fugue complete.



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