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The Season of Aphrodite (Says the Goddess of Love)

The noble artichoke meets perigord black

Artichoke soup, SW Steakhouse, Cotai, Macau / © Pseu Pending (Seu)
Photo by Brands&People on Unsplash

a gossamer net of champagne gold
nestles mediterranean cool~~
a warm fort from the slicing wind
snuggles luscious mouthfuls~~
celestial affections jaded palate~~
is it hallucination?

artichoke foam pours in dreamy pond
swooshing. embracing aphrodite~~
dumplings oozing mont d’or~~melty~~
in perfect rounds duo tender~~
pausing. greeting
neighbors famed afar

yet in kokumi closely bond~~
rare perigord black truffle
drunk in white veins~~
arresting aroma intoxicating~~
heart shavings. shake hands. brace
views nefarious or noble~~

the wicked says i smell stories…

the scholar says truffles~~
once common folk’s aphrodisiac
till the french monarch fancy took.
the deprived says through with the rich!
(politicians love you. wink wink)
the artist says stellar~~
focus meets dissipation.

the architect says lovely~~
this graces my creation.
the gourmet says umami~~
nods to plating.
the server says thank you~~
your manners most pleasing.

the farmer says ahh~~
you love my produce in poetry~~
the chef says give me bounty~~
i give you divinity~~

ah! the nobility in artichoke~~
original flavor embracing all~~
robust perigord black included.

© 2023 Pseu Pending (Seu)

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Thanks to Zay Pareltheon, Viraji Ogodapola, and Marilyn J Wolf for a nurturing nest at The Howling Owl!



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Leisure is a path to the thinking process. Museum Educator/ Contemporary Art Researcher/ Lover of culinary arts. Top writer in Poetry, Art, Creativity, Food