The Howling Owl
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The Howling Owl


the umbrella principle.


Hiroshige, The Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō, Rain Shower at Shōno from wikipedia.

more things should be umbrella-like; set up
collapsibly, thus quickly stowed or thrown
beneath an armpit, lightly borne alone;
as when, on hiking trips, you sit to sup
and use a mat, a kettle, and a cup
et cetera - you don’t bring bulky stone,
but bamboo, twine and tin. heft all you own,
as mother dogs will gather wayward pups -

be ready to retract, unhinge, make fast;
you never know just when you’ll need to get
to shade or shelter, run from flood or fire;

accept that most good things aren’t meant to last,
like toothpicks, parasols, or serviettes -
ephemeral as weather, or desire.



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