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It’s all about the humans in the business

Andy Chan
Andy Chan
Jan 11 · 3 min read

It’s ironic: businesses are built to solve human problems and yet, they often neglect the humans that are helping them do so.

However, businesses—in fact, any organization—can become much more nurturing, empathetic and caring towards the humans in the office building. With everyone in the ‘rat race’, the competition can often lead us to forget that we are working together to solve problems and advance humanity one step at a time.

H+B Publication

Human+Business focuses on the humans. It’s for the leaders that are building teams and rallying them for a mission.

Whether it is to develop the next social media platform or to build a thousand solar panels, our goal is to help you become the type of leader the world desperately needs: the kind that is human-centric and human-focused.

The focus of leadership has now changed: it’s all about the employee experience. So as long as you’re a decision-maker, Human+Business is here to enrich you as a leader.

Every week, we’ll publish several articles across a broad spectrum in leadership and management. You’ll find articles covering fundamentals, tips, strategies, tactics, how-tos, philosophy, psychology, and data-backed commentaries. We also cover the latest trends and evergreen principles. At times, we’ll give case studies to help you succeed in your niche and draw parallels so as to implement what worked for others in your organization/team.

H+B Digest

Besides a steady supply of articles, we are also running a paid newsletter on Substack for current, future, and aspiring leaders.

With 3 actionable newsletters every week, the H+B Digest is essentially a leadership program delivered to your inbox three times a week. We cover the latest business events for high-level strategies, actionable tactics and thought pieces to guide your framework.

For 30 cents a day, you get to enrich your knowledge 16 times a month, joining subscribers from all over the world, hailing from companies like Jacobs, Healthengine, Thumbtack, Xebia France (acquired by Publicis Groupe), Airtasker, Moxi, Clarify, and IMDA.

H+B Author

I’m Andy Chan, the founder, and editor-in-chief for the Human+Business brand and its extensions. In 2018, I founded an early HR tech company based in Singapore. While running the startup, many leaders that I came across enriched my knowledge with their perspectives on human capital, human resources, and organizational philosophy.

My goal is to truly focus on the humans in the business. It is always ironic to me to see companies focusing on human problems, yet, neglect the humans that are working towards it. In this era, building extraordinary employee experience is paramount.

The Human Business

We’re all about the humans in the business.

Andy Chan

Written by

Andy Chan

Founder of Human+Business & the H+B Digest | Leadership Consultant | Content Marketer & Writer | Ex-Startup Co-Founder

The Human Business

We’re all about the humans in the business. We publish authoritative articles on leadership, management and business.

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