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The Human Core shuts down

At some point, I decided that a new place to gather stories about our most authentic self and its questions could make sense, on Medium. I couldn't imagine a better name than “The Human Core” for it.

But that isn’t a popular topic, unless certain conditions are there, inspiration and trendiness often being among them.

Also, publications on Medium are usually just containers for communities, no more than a growth tool. If you don’t play that game, you’re just out.

Without blaming anyone except me, that’s not my game. And the thing didn’t go much beyond a hundred followers.

My game for this part of my writing life is writing good stories, stories that I feel deeply, that can squeeze something worth out of my intense fifty years in this strange point of history. So that someone can relate, gain perspective, learn from my errors — for what possible — , start a discussion on what matters.

So, my energies are going to that.

I was quite the only writer on The Human Core, so nothing changes much. But, to respect my readers and the other contributors — that I thank so much for the stories that they have entrusted to me — , I didn’t change the name of the publication. I opened a new one, with my stories only, and I’d be so grateful if you’d like to take a look at it, and maybe follow.

It’s Vico notes.

Thank you so much. See you on Medium, and beyond.




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