The Humanist Revolution - A Call to Hearts

Original Photo: Ethan DeAbreu

Before the lines we drew in the sand, and the labels we assigned to ourselves, we were simply human. While distracted by the burdens of the mundane, this truth often slips away from us.

Take a moment to reflect. Look at your surroundings, what do you see, who do you see, how does it make you feel?

Currently I am in a coffee shop sipping on my coconut milk macchiato contemplating my life, and my intentions.

. . . I swear to you I am not a hipster. . .

As I look around I see my beautiful girlfriend sitting across from me and I smile, her eyes begin to glow, she squints ever so slightly, and then her mouth curls into a warm smile. I see an elderly man taking his wife’s coat, there are decades of love in his eyes. He gently presses his lips against her forehead, and in that moment I hear the soft poetry of words unspoken. I see a student, perhaps from Stony Brook, tediously tearing away at the pages of his Organic Chemistry textbook. Although he may utter the occasional word of frustration, in his eyes I see a fierce resolve.

My point is, if you take a minute, you can marvel at the fact that life is happening all around you. There are invisible strings that tie us together in a vast network of the “now.” Every person, possesses their own unique story, try to see beyond what is on the surface. Utilize empathy to peer into the hearts of those around you, and open your own heart to love, and kindness.

In these times of conflict it is all too easy to withdraw into ourselves; however, that is when it’s most critical for us to reach out. Although our eyes may deceive us, our hearts will always see the one fundamental truth, “we are all human.”

When you see a stranger in passing, speak to them in the language of love. Of course I am not referring to a romantic love, but perhaps offer a small gesture of kindness. Would it be difficult to hold the door for the person behind you? What if you greeted the barista with a sincere smile, and a hello?

Love lives in many shapes and forms, but always remember that an act of kindness is never lost in translation. When the media, and our surroundings preach hate, an act of kindness is revolutionary.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” -Dalai Lama

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