My LSD Trip: An Exploration Into The Experience of Altering Consciousness

Attention is your true source of wealth. — Sam Harris

Source: Unsplash

When you take Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) you are shifted into an entirely different perspective.

Suddenly every thought is foreign and everything deserves questioning.



Philosophy publications are scarce on Medium. Philosophical minds are scarce in Politics. They are scarce in the public. That has to change. This is a publication that treasures humanists. We question what sort of society we should build for a communal environment to flourish in.

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Jakub Ferencik

Jakub Ferencik


Author of “Up in the Air” & “Beyond Reason” available on AMAZON | MA McGill Uni | Research assistant for EUROPEUM Prague | 500+ blog posts with 1+ mil. views