What is Secular Thought?

Musings on Secularism

Secular thought teaches that ignorance should not be feared but rather readily acknowledged in order to find evidence or consider whether a view is as persuasive as society suggests it is.

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One might think, there are so few answers to the big questions of life, why should I even bother?

And although it’s true that there are some questions that we may not get the answers for, it is also true that many similar circumstances of ignorance were challenged by inquiry.

Both men & women challenged pre-existing notions, risking ridicule (always), persecution (often), & death (far too often) by reading & asking productive questions.

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Jakub Ferencik

Jakub Ferencik

Author of “Up in the Air” & “Beyond Reason” available on AMAZON | MA McGill Uni | Research assistant for EUROPEUM Prague | 500+ blog posts with 1+ mil. views