Teaching on the Edge

One Step Ahead

There are three common practices often associated with FE teachers. One is that they are often appointed without a teaching qualification, but are now required to become teacher trained within a year or two. Secondly they are often only one lesson ahead of their students. And thirdly, like most areas of work they have an argot all of their own.

Mad for “Secs”

One new English teacher was asked to teach sex. Earnest preparation led to an excellent class lesson on contraception. Later it dawned on the new teacher that the secretarial students had communication studies on their timetable and Secretarial courses were referred as “secs”.

Dedicated Follower

Being one step ahead of the students was not necessarily common place. Though, it might often arise when the regular teacher was un-expectantly unavailable to take the scheduled class. Such was the case with a new art teacher who was asked to step-in to cover a fashion lesson by the head of department. The story goes: “You wear clothes don’t you? Of course you can teach fashion”.