Why Do Donuts Have Holes?

There are several lores on how the hole in Donuts came about, but they all involve one Mr. Hanson Gregory. So how did our favourite loop-shaped dessert come about?

Story 1

Tuscaloosa News reported in 1938 that a New England ship captain, Mr Hanson Gregory who hailed from Camden, Maine was the one responsible for inventing the hole in the donut. This quirky old man he said that when he was a boy, he noticed his mother frying donuts and realised that the centers were never well-cooked but doughy instead. So he told his mother to leave a hole in the middle of the donut and voila, that recipe for the amazing fried circle became widely copied across the country and soon, the world.

Story 2

Another version of the origin of donuts can be explained Being a sea captain, Mr Hanson Gregory had to steer his ship around the world with both hands. He didn’t have enough hands to munch on his favourite fried treat whilst controlling the rudder. So he often stuck his donuts onto the spoke of his wheels.

Story 3

This one is slightly ridiculous. It says that Gregory intentionally punched a hole in the donut to lighten it up “because he had already lost six men overboard due to the heaviness of the doughnuts”.

Which one is the most believable? Let us know!

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