Why More People drinks Craft Beer than just regular Beer these days

There are many kinds of beer out there in the industry. You’ve got craft, draft, bottled and canned beers. But what puts the “craft” in craft beer?

The short answer?

Craftsmanship and Quality



Craft beer uses only 4 solid traditional ingredients.

  • Water
  • Malted Barley
  • Hops
  • Yeast

These ingredients are hand-picked from the finest source to produce your traditional craft beer of the highest quality. It has a certain richness that normal beers don’t.

None of that “beer-water” crap


Normal beer uses the same ingredients but in slightly different quantities. Sometimes you don’t get malt, you get adjuncts (fillers) from corn or rice that just doesn’t give you the umph that craft does.

  • Water
  • Malted Barley/Corn/Rice/Other Adjuncts
  • Hops (Usually in lesser quantities)
  • Yeast

Normal beer often gets a watered down taste that’s less rich and creamy than craft beer, due to the lesser amount of hops, it tends to be more bitter.

The Brewers


  • Small home-owned breweries
  • Owners themselves are the brewers

Craft beer brewers are serious and legit. They don’t mess around. Sincere and passionate about their work, craft brewers are like masterchefs. Every single cup of craft beer is the brewer’s pride and effort.


  • Mega-corps and Macro-Brewers
  • Brew in large quantities for commercial purposes

Bud Light, Heineken, great for some cheap go-arounds with bros, and well, mega-corps.

Serving Size


  • To be enjoyed in moderation
  • Quality over quantity

Craft beer deserves a special glass, an optimal temperature to release its aroma and colour before being sipped down and appreciated


  • Chug n Lug…in massive quantities
  • Best to get drunk and rowdy with

Drink it straight from a tap with buddies over a soccer match, with lots of shouting and yelling. Have a great time, focus on your company, rather than your beer.

Alcohol Content


  • 5–10% on Average (Can go up to 40%) — Quality Booze


  • 2.5–5% (Miserly Beer Companies)

Health Benefits


  • Contains Soluble Fiber, B Vitamins (notably folate), Antioxidants, Rich in Silicon

Maintaining some silicon in one’s diet may prevent osteoporosis. Due to the high quality of ingredients used, craft beer retains some health boosting properties. It’s no red wine, but it’s as close as it gets


  • Negligible amount of nutrients, maybe some empty calories

You just want to have a good time, don’t bother about nutrition :P

Which is Better?

I’m more inclined to say craft beer of course. It is brewed with the utmost dedication, the best ingredients and untainted traditional malt. Drinking craft beer is an art. Ordinary beer on the other hand, is probably more like a filler for a huge massive social gathering where bros get together and have a good time, drinking alcohol in massive quantities (not that kind to your liver either).

So should you drink craft beer?

You should at least try if you are a beer lover.

Some Places in Singapore with Craft Beer