Why You Should Only Eat Grass-Fed Beef (and Not Grain-Fed Ones)

Not all cows, were given the gift of freedom when they were born. Some of them, were locked up in “feedlots”, stuffed with grains, injected with hormones and antibiotics to fatten them up for slaughter.

That, is the story of “Grain-Fed” cows.

The Traditional Grain-Fed Beef

The food business, is sometimes a nasty and unscrupulous one. Most ranchers aren’t particularly concerned about animal welfare or well, consumer health. All that matters, is profits.

The faster and fatter your cows grow, the more profits these ranchers can rake in. So what do they do?

They use cheap feed made from grains, like soy or corn and feed their cows absurd amounts of food everyday in hopes of getting them to grow.

Due to the physiological limit of natural growth, cows can’t grow faster just because you feed them more and more. So ranchers start pinning your meat with growth hormones that make your cows grow beyond supraphysiological rates.

Due to the unsanitary conditions of feedlots, your grain-fed cows get injected and fed antibiotics to maintain their “health”.

The Grass-Fed Difference

The grass is really greener on the other side.

The grass-fed brethren of these poor grain-fed cows live out their lives in the grassy knolls and beautiful pastures, free to roam as they please. They aren’t just healthier and fitter, but happier as well. Of course, they primarily feed on natural grass and plants.

Grass-Fed Superiority

Grass-fed beef is seriously much healthier than grain fed ones. Just to start off, pound for pound, they contain less fat and hence calories. This saves your waistline a little right from the beginning.

The real difference however is in the type of fatty acids found in the beef.

  • Omega 3

We are sure most of you have heard of the benefits of Omega 3. Well, grass-fed beef has 5x the amount of Omega 3 compared to grain-fed beef.

  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Grass-fed beef contains 2x the CLA compared to grain-fed beef. This fatty acid is associated with reduced body fat and numerous other health benefits.

The Roundup

We aren’t trying to be “atas” or “high-class” by only supporting grass-fed beef. It is admittedly more expensive, but we prefer that our cows roam the grasslands and grow up naturally rather than being stuffed in a cage and pumped full of synthetic hormones and chemicals.

The health benefits are more definitely welcome as well.

Will you make the switch to grass-fed beef now?

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