Your Favourite Drinks (at Starbucks) May Contain Up to 25 Spoons of Sugar and a Tonne of Fat

Hello Diabetes

UK researchers show that your beloved drinks at Starbucks, McDonalds and even KFC contain a whopping amount of sugar. In fact, 98% of the hot beverages analyzed container excessive amounts of sugar worthy or receiving a warning label.

It isn’t just the amount of sugar we are concerned with, but the amount of fat that comes along with it. Throw in sugar, cream, full fat milk, some rich chocolate and that’s a one way street to obesity and heart disease.

The Killers (The Top 3)

Singapore’s serving size tends to be smaller than the UK or US, so our sugar overload may not be as severe, but well, its still bad enough. Lets take a look at some our top contenders and see how much fats you gain once you slurp one of these down.

Oreo Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Shake (Carl’s Jr)

  • 14 Spoons of Sugar
  • 720kcal = 97g of Fat Gained

White Chocolate Mocha (Starbucks)

  • 18 Spoons of Sugar
  • 490 kcal = 64g of Fat Gained

Caramel Frappe (McDonald’s)

  • 16 Spoons of Sugar
  • 450kcal = 59g Fat Gained

Is Sugar a Drug?

Brain scans have actually shown and proven that intermittent sugar consumption alters our neurological function in many ways rather similar to addictive drugs.

The scientific journal, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews revealed that sugar actually fulfills the criteria as a “substance of abuse” and is rather addictive to those who over-consume it. It accomplishes this by affecting the chemistry of our brain that is related to emotional control.

More than a third of the drinks were also said to have the same amount of sugar or more than a can of Coca-Cola, which contains 9 teaspoons of sugar.

How Sugar Causes Diabetes

In layman’s terms, diabetes is usually the case whereby you don’t produce enough insulin, a hormone to reduce excessive blood sugar levels, which can become lethal in humans.

This is because you have over consumed sugar, by so much that your body’s receptors towards high blood sugar levels become desensitized to the extent that insulin is no longer produced much in response to these dangerously high levels of sugar. Hence, you need to rely on drugs and artificial insulin to keep you, well, alive. Without medication, diabetes could very well kill you.

Think Before You Drink

Before drinking those sugary beverages, make sure you think about your waistline and your longevity.

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