In happier silky white wedding Curry Kenny Curry times.

Curry Kenny Curry

Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny are not back together. She has a boyfriend, who got really cheesed off when a certain daily (but actually monthly) Australian ladies’ magazine suggested Lisa had gone back to being Curry Kenny Curry with Grant. The new fella even took a photo flipping the bird at the magazine. Well, that’s a bit much.

[I will now make the worst segue…]

Unlike Australia’s once golden super athletic iron like couple, Curry Cafe in Northcote is still together with High Street.

It (no offence Curry Cafe) doesn’t look thaaat exciting from the outside, but once inside…well, what have we here. A very nice and busy little place. I like that there is beer on tap. I have been here once for a birthday feast and another time secured takeaway, the food is so good. There is no Butter Chicken for the honkys among us (me)…but the Chicken Korma was bombaylicious and my friend thought that one of the staff looked a bit like Michael Fassbender. A plus for any establishment.

Also, in this day and age of technology and laziness, they have a superior ordering online option. No delivery though. When one lives within a 400m radius of such a restaurant one should really get off one’s tootay and go get one’s own curry in a hurry. Also if you keep walking for your curry, you may end up with an iron man physique like Grant Kenny Curry Kenny.


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