I am not the first person who has come up with the Raymond/ramen pun

I started my food challenge of High Street, Northcote not at no. 1, because that is a large block of flats, but at 333. The Dojo Ramen Bar. This establishment is one of the newer places to open its doors to the Northcote stereotypes (I won’t list them here). I hadn’t been there before (purpose of this challenge) but I really do like ramen. I think my first encounter with “ramen” was oriental flavour Maggi Noodles(TM) back in 1987. A far cry from the real ramen…good ramen that places like Ramen Bar have (I’ve been there now, we’re on nickname basis). I had shoyu soy ramen last night…it had pork, seaweed, bamboo, the obligatory half an egg that’s had something magical done to it. It was really good ramen. Legit. I also had vanilla bean icecream for dessert instead of warm sake. I like sake. I like how in Japan you can buy a jar of it from a convenience store. I’ve heard that sake can make you cry. Probably when the bottle/jar runs out. I felt like being happy, and vanilla bean icecream with black sesame really helped with that.

I’m not rating restaurants, but Hungry Wolf says that The Dojo Ramen Bar made miso happy. HAW HAW.


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