3.14 Components of the Hut34 ‘Data Economy Stack’

Happy π day to one and all! To celebrate, we wanted to update you on 3 and a bit components which compose what we’re calling a ‘Data Economy Stack’ — currently being battle tested for release in the Hut34 Labs. Read on!

Enterprise workers beavering away generating data. Value is captured by HutX and traded internally and externally.— Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

The Hut34 ‘Data Economy’ Stack

All three (and a bit) of the case studies we’re about to walk through utilise the underlying Hut34 stack — the toolkit we spent a good 18 months building, and which is now approaching it’s v2 release. Here is an overview of the components which make the magic happen;

  1. The Hut34 Wallet : Onboard users to the ETH ecosystem in one click by abstracting private keys to OAuth. 500 users and counting experiencing what we believe to be the best onboarding process available. Super quick, easy, and with what we think is the lowest friction in the world.
  2. HutX Data Protocol : HutX is how we bind data to value. It’s a data object which contains a 0x protocol object which settles the value transaction onchain, and additional parameters being the data model, the data location, the data hash, and the data itself in either encrypted or unencrypted form. Expect to hear far more on this as we deliver solutions to our first enterprise clients and tweak some features in preparation for release.
  3. Colossus & StationY : Colossus is our micro-service and smart contract suite which allows users to derive additional encryption keys from their ETH private key — so RSA public / private keypairs can be generated, bound to the user’s ETH address, and subsequently read from the blockchain in order to encrypt data uniquely at the point of settlement of a HutX trade. StationY is our signals collection app which we’re providing to enterprise clients to turn their stakeholders and communities into data armies. These two are a killer pairing.

0.141. Node.js driven ‘serverless’ arcitecture : The ‘little bit extra’ which we’ll sign off on π day with puts us squarely in the middle lane of current enterprise best practice. Reams has been written about the benefits of serverless arcitectures, and we’re experiencing first hand the remarkable benefits of being able to scale both to zero to control costs, and also to scale up almost limitlessly to generate the compute necessary to deal with large data sets, and also to harness tools like BigQuery to return meaningful results from queries against the entire blockchain in seconds.

The above is really a quick overview of our current efforts; expect to read more detail about both the tools we have built, and the exciting opportunities we’re delivering on to clients we can’t wait to tell you all about!

Onwards and Hutwards!

The Hut34 Team.