Tiny Dots

When stories tell tales of storytelling

Hey ;)
I’m Bono — I am a mute wolf.
I don’t eat.
I don’t growl.
I don’t fight.
I don’t lie.

Some wolves are mad.
They would lie and fight and growl.
They won’t ever stop chasing others, 
each other,
and things.

I don’t like mad wolves.
Most wolves are mostly Nice though,
and only sometimes go Mad,
but I never do.
never did.

I can’t do any of those things,
as my Jaw has no hinge,
it just doesn’t move.
No way or chance for me to act like that.
It’s not that bad to be honest. Some wolves are off much worse than I am.

Someday though I really want to be an Astronaut and crawl way deep into the sky but the whole mute thing hinders me to qualify.

although again sometimes i wish, i could just lay down and have some pie and never ever do much else. The problem with pie is, you need to eat it too, which seems, again, like thats a thing, that I can’t do.

…Uhh do I like adventures and this is one:

We lived near the sulfurous spring of silverfish creek.
There is a beach nearby.

I went to the beach with two of my brothers, they never looked up, from looking into their virtual mirrors, reading about their virtual selves.

So I’m bored again at the very long beach again,
when suddenly I see…

…an old white rescue dog out of nowhere coming out of the water,
wearing one of those coats
with all sorts of pockets,
but more weirdly — with cameras for eyes.
I never really cared for dogs,
coats or canines with cameras for eyes.

He seemed pretty stressed though, about something and kept checking his phone damn close to constantly. Like he’s waiting for some news to go global, or signs of shit hitting fans. I still didn’t care, but also didn’t mind to decide to follow the guy when I wondered: “What might move him to keep moving on like that.”

I figured that all this although irrelevant is a tiny bit closer to entertaining than my boredom is now. I quietly left and followed him down Silverfish Creek and into the hover train station by Whitecastlebay.

I almost lost sight of his tail as I tailed him casually round corners in the maze of peoples projected pathways between A,B and back again. I almost missed but just saw him swiftly slip inside a memeio. It looked like he was taking a picture behind the mostly closed grey curtain As I watched the crowds passing by. After a second or so he had disappeared. He couldn’t have come out, i’m sure, but he sure wasn’t inside.

As this was quite unusual, I went in to investigate,
to look for where that old dog might be,
but just found old-timey-memeio-tech instead of that.

I can’t be bothered to be anywhere else so i thought:
“I’ll too take a picture of my slightly startled self”
Maybe to give to my granny when i see her next.
So she has something to laugh at and maybe forget her pain for a sec.
A titanium wheel now connects at the hip where her right leg used to stick.
Something inside that memeio somehow didn’t feel right.
the screen, slightly cracked, caused some light to reflect, right where my teeth are in the picture. My teeth became blurry. They became one when triangles appeared exactly in this blurry spot.

I briefly peaked out behind the curtain. to check, if everyone still followed their goals – and they did – when I looked back at my metaphor while it was still printing out. I now saw more super small triangles that kind of constantly rotated and folded in on top of themselves.

The next time I tried to look anywhere else all triangles followed and kept staying right where I tried to look at stuff. Like curser-trails from earth.

Those triangular shapes where both chromish and just slightly green, yellow or pink. Hard to say. The small now slightly irritating spot in my sight grew in triangle number and overall size until I could just see peripherally which actually annoyed me quite quickly when it finally broke apart close to the center again so now I could see right there but not really anywhere else. Millions of triangles now decided to migrate away from the middle and slowly out of my sight when someone turned up the brightness inside my eyes so everything just became lighter and brighter, kind of washed out and so bright at one point that it hurt like when you look into a very bright, completely cloudy sky.

Everything sight-wise went back to normal when someone asked:
“Why are you such a coward?”

I said: ”I don’t think I’m a coward at all, I just don’t want to hurt any living thing ever at all. And why am I such a coward peculiar voice, why don’t you have a face to match your word choice.”

“I don’t care!” the voice swiftly replied which further strengthened my suspicion that i still don’t have a faint idea of what’s supposed to be going on here. Especially because I can’t talk but still answered to a questionable voice. Kind of nice to be heard but this might not be the right time to wonder too much.

I forgot to mention that I just now found one of those triangular keyholes underneath the little benchtop and first tried and then turned it around with my pocketknife. It then stopped, which made the little benchtop pop.

It creaked a bit while I opened it when/// uhh.. yeah.. thats a lever… we found something cool… im gonna pull it. its gonna be amazing. Its a perfectly sized lever like the ones you wouldn’t expect especially encased by a miomeio-bench. It might actually be time to forcefully pull a newly found lever at once.

So I questioned if that was just what a particular voice would want me to do or if I actually do want to pull a hidden lever i just found in a memeio bench in the hovertrainstation by Whitecastlebay.

Don’t mind me…
Already Did.
Great haptic feedback.

In less than a second the curtain turned to concrete and while I was still mezmorized by the effect I realized, I was easily trapped by something in an odd situation completely alone now on the floor of a super small space so close to those people that I hear but no voice to call mine to call for someone to help.

I thought that it wouldn’t take long for people to find me but I reconsidered a few years after that and about another year after that, all 6 sides of my meme-io-prison very slowly started to spread apart after 10 months I could reach through the cracks only to feel, that there was nothing to be felt.

And then faster and faster aparter until by year 10 the floor was slowly becoming faster then I could fall if I tried to fall fast.

I slowly lost touch to the floor that used to be beneath me. first it felt like fast falling but after a while I couldn’t tell falling from floating, up from down and the other way around.

It took only a few more month until I completely lost sight of all 6 sides that I used to rely on to encase me. Now it feels like I am floating in an infinite spacelike space only the background is untextured and perfectly white which does make infinity feel quite finite some days.

No one around.
Nothing to hold on to.

After a while I felt alright. And when I did, I saw a tiny pale blue dot appear so far away that I wasn’t so sure. Neither wind nor temperature really existed, sometimes time didn’t feel right but not bad at all.

When it or I got closer to one another, we were bound to collide.

So I threw my knife as hard as I could perpendicular to where I was going and willed myself to stop spinning after that. With trajectories slightly altered I was now much more relaxed about what happened next.

For days or month, who knows, the dot didn’t get much bigger or at least much less than you would expect from a dot like that.

After passing it, I felt repelled from leaving and circled back and did that again.

I’m now spinning around a pastel blue mass slightly bigger than my own.

It quickly grew bigger and bigger as it quickly got closer until the dot was so big and so heavy I was not able to move laying flat on a flat oily floor.

I felt so comfortable I fell asleep. There is something soothing about gravitational pull and pressure against a chest after such a long time among nothing.

When I opened my eyes It turned out I was laying in paint and left a me shaped shape in the mostly blue but also red-yellow-green-purple floor.

My impression was not alone. All kinds of shapes and tracks and signs of intelligent life. Tracks layered again and again of different sized wheels and oddly shaped feet. It almost seemed like a planet sized performance art piece.

There were some colors mixed in I never saw before so I can’t possibly describe or compare. If I tried i might say its like there was a whole new set of base colors that live in a more-dimensional light spectrum than traditional color would.

The clouds clearly missed depth but were more like colorful cut outs of color filters in front of each other in front of a perfectly soft white sky.

After a little while walking, it could have been years I saw on the horizon bright light bouncing unpredictably from side to side. Having reached it I can only describe it as a floating bundle of completely clear hair that I could barely wrap both of my hands around while still touching the colorful ground. It was very slightly bouncy and suspended by nothing in midair. Something changed when I touched it. It must have upgraded my experience profile on my visual cortex or something.

I could suddenly now intuitively zoom and track stuff if there was any. I really didn’t know what the objective could be so I decided to follow it. Now where do i go? left or right?

I considered my exactly two options only to find that having no way to tell any direction is equally right. I went left, not that it mattered and i knew i was right when that hair strain became increasingly brighter and then so thick in size that while to high to jump or climb, it touched the ground and i had to decide as to weather walk on its left or right hand side.

I went back to where I could still climb on it with the help of a lone perfectly straight springy 20 foot stick that i found near an infinity cube that I in turn found aided by my newly renewed experience profile app. I instantly knew it was an infinity cube cause thats what it said it was.

“Infinity cubes are a wonderful thing” it says in the edu-commercial on the back screen. “Put anything in or only take something out just choose any item you wish and instantly own it for no charge at all. And remember the third double carbon challenge of the cycle starts in only 9 rains, featured by yours truly”

Yours truly who?
And taking out what?
All other screens were broken so that didn’t help too much.

I felt myself starting to stop questioning the general weirdness of things.

Used the stick as a ladder to climb the landscape dividing bundle of hair and just kept walking along.

I was happy to just have one way to go. I didn’t know then how many intersections with 3, 4 or more strains i would pass until the very next, day or so.

I saw something dead ahead. On this big bundle of hair someone sat dead center right in the middle of it, on a red circular 70s sofa something between a dove and a pigeon with scars to tell the story of its sad-ish life. It was dressed in a loggers hard hat to a 70s smoking and said his name was Eik.

“Eik just wanted to ask” he said, if I saw “an old white dog with a fractalish beard.”

I’m not sure about the beard, but I too am looking for a dog like that.

Can you help me to find him?
I cannot help you if you don’t help yourself but I can tell you he’s called Prof. Rabbitson.

I saw someone carving down the sky in a regular UFO headed or aimed straight for my head.

I had to slide down the 100 foot pile of clear continuous hair.

The UFO stopped, beamed me up and inside was just a regular looking guy with work boots and a reflective vest asking: “You, alright? Out there walking alone.”

I said that: “I’m not so sure that I am.”

“But why would you do that? Why would you be out here walking around?

Uhh.. don’t tell me… you’re an OQG an original quantum glitch. Im I right?”

“I don’t know what that is?”

I also have no Idea which elephant in this UFO is the biggest to ask you about first.

“Hah.. Sounds to me like something only a glitch could say exactly like that. “

“How did you get this UFO would be something im interested in?”

Its just for work I think they got it at Gray & Sons metal shop in Oklegon. It was actually dirt cheap. Some parts don’t work, but it still hovers on.

“Who are you?”

“So different from when you asked me, better ask me again.”

“So again… Who are you really?”

“So very different from when you asked me, you might need to ask me again.”

“I don’t like your games. So don’t tell me your name, its fine. You don’t have to.”

“My name is Alemone how do you call yourself?”

“I’m Bono and I wonder — How can I talk to you?”

“You are not Bono, you also don’t talk you said you were mute.”

“I didn’t to you.”

“What does it matter?

No one talks, we all, as you, only do.”

“Ok, but where am I and such?”

“It’s not even where that comes second you first need to know who is supposed to be where and what that one might want to know and then ask it when the time to wonder has come.

“But you do understand me when i say that this place is pretty weird like physics don’t mind that what you do shouldn’t fly.”

“We gladly don’t have to follow rules here, we also should, but really can’t and also must neither follow nor break any of the rules above, which is pretty much the only rule we’ve got, but no one really takes it serious south of the lemon-green riverbanks between 3 and 9 million L-Ys north of here”

“Doesn’t the whole “thing” with the “no rules” kind of gets tricky if it affects other beings or what two want intersects. Can’t we always all die, if somone wants something bad. Or does someone sort through it, and make sure this idea doesn’t collapse?”

“It is exactly what ever you want IT to be.

It works because the universe this side of the split runs on a few more dimensions so nothing could ever really happen because the very principle of chance is that there’s always a chance for something amazing and than its not really happening at all it just might happen so much that it feels just like it did”

“Didn’t get that, but how did I get to a place where nothing even tries to make sense. Could you please answer that.”

“Well to be honest, you must have accidentally slipped on a bit of our matter that has kind of ripped through one of the dimensions that you can sense at. Happens all the time. We actually are in what you might call the antimatter side of the universe only for us we are right and you are anti to us.

“This specific planet we call it “tiny blue dot” is in itself infinite so the chance of finding you is much slimmer than you would think.”

And on this side of the same universe, original quantum glitches are what you right now, get the most klings for.

I was quite lucky to find you. I really wanted to find me one too.”

“You speak of me as a thing although I’m not”

“Yes, but you could be, and therefore most likely are, although you don’t really know, so… what. And even if you did, what kind of looped, self referential unscientific prove would that be.”

“You would probably think, options are only so endless and open until you decide what to think the very next moment when possibilities collapse to a manageable size while all is thoroughly intertwined with ones self-observing eyes. It is so much easier here. You always take all chances at once and cannot regret a choice you have made cause you know you have chosen and tried none and every single option at once. Maybe you’ll figure it out before I drop you of in BlueCanyon at the HyperLampoon and cash in on klings like never before.

So I was somehow still in our universe, although everything was being completely ridiculous on a painted planet in a UFO with Alamone. Aaand I was going to be sold for something called klings.

“What now?” I heard myself think
before I heard myself ask “Do you mind if I fly for a while?”

“Sure thing, here you go, just sprinkle a handful of those nano-bots on your head” Is what he said while he already did.

I tried it and took command of the ship.
”But How do I know where to go.”

“You just do. Don’t you remember.” 
He said kind of corny like in almost all movies.

But if we try every option at once don’t some versions of us get lost somewhere?

“They just potentially do, exactly like we know where to go.”

I only noticed then that the dead pigeon was stuck under the windshield wiper and definitely not dead. Alamone saw what I saw, went outside and brought an agitated pigeon back in.

Alamone aged about 80 earth years in a minute or so.

He was still smiling when he looked at his hands.

I’ve been walking so long and flying a while — now wondered out loud if it ever gets dark or night.

Everything is illuminated and shadows shine brightest.

to be continued…
and to be made into a movie a month and then some…