Whats What? Loosing Touch! Step One.


There are no things only tools. 
If we think a thing is a thing, it is on us 
to understand how it’s actually not. 
It is a tool. 
Nothing was ever anyThing.

All tools are toys now. 
If we think a tool is just a tool it is on us 
to understand how it’s actually not.
It is a toy.
Nothing was ever not.
If toys we are provided with break us this timely, 
they have always been broken. 
Not the Ideas, 
but what we made them into.
Lets focus on what seems similar.
Lets make toys to play nice together.

Life in any culture is a game of sorts of understanding that all of life 
is as real as it gets and all we can do 
is act within it.
All great ideas center around one central theme.
People from all of time and all over always thought of 
“being nice” as something good or important or nice.
I think everyone should listen to everyone especially now.
and finally understand how 
all of us think 
being nice as nice.
All of us think equally,
of all of us as equals.
(some sometimes secretly)

Life maybe a metaphor for consciousness to understand, 
that all it is, is a superpositional consequence of,
of it’s own potential continuousness.
It’s endlessness. Maybe not. 
Picture the Tension though.

Ironically, metaphorically metaphorically including
infinite language/information, infinite knowledge 
within a NothEverything.

Im just a duck, but to me it seems like 
everything is trying to tell us that 
all is somehow nothing 
in relation to something else.

Scale is a powerful thing to think of.
Just think of infinitely zooming out and in in realtime. In spacetime.
seems like a powerful thing to think of.

Let’s just look at it like something like that. 
We are all always still students of similar infinity.
Lets perceive life as a uniquely shared experience.

A single thought: 
Life could even be indifferent to its own metaphorical existence.
Continuity ever collapsing into self referentiality. 
And honestly — Why wouldn’t it? Maybe not, seems nice enough.

Lets simply not go crazy for some patterns or different colored dots. 
We are mixing who we are and who we strive to be, 
and not quite as much of who we were.

Time and time again, 
time has shown,
time made time fade away. 
We can agree, 
that all we want is to be 
and be as good as possible.

We can act on that and do that.
Do that.

We can somehow agree on something kind of like THAT. 
And THATs fine. And if not, why?
Why not?

We can all be friends!
If you believe we can all be friends,
make sure you let your voice be heard my friend.

It doesn’t matter who you are.
I and you love everyone even if they don’t love us back!
THAT could be a THING.
In an Internet like THIS.
“if only..”

Is a thought that can only come after “Why not?”
I forgot.
It starts by asking why? 
And after — openly gliding, guiding, honestly, 
helping others to see how we can all just talk about things.
Simultaneously equally trusting in everyone to do as you. 
That is all you need to make a multiverse a you.

You feel you know.
What is felt needs to be thought,
Thought is thought to be work, 
Sold thought at some point. 
Something missing in my heart.

Your imperfections are only as real as you let them make you feel, 
your potential is endless. 
It’s on you to try.
You are the only one that could ever hold you back.
Lets never take things personally.
If someone said something that someone might regret, we need to have forgiven them before they even realised they did. 
It’s basically maths.
Correlation is not automatically equal to causality.
Corilation corilates.

Continuous conscious thought becomes annoyance, a thing.
Like getting annoyed with counting poker chips.
Counting to the point where you forgot to ever bet.

We need to think of the ducklings,

Create good things that last is believed to be hard.
Do not forget to believe in hope.
We need to act upon this hope
And not only react to hope that has been lost once.

We need to know how all of us where always nice. 
Nice to believe that it’s really quite nice to live together. 
I do not see the issue anymore.
We are all just ducks that float and paddle on a pond. 
If we ever had issues, we used to hug it out.

Like a swing you need that 
feeling of falling 
to be pleasantly surprised when

you’re caught. 
Because everything else falls ap-

art over time.
Lets not be afraid of fear. 
Let us confront all fears in fact.
Let’s confront ourselves instead of others.

One fear of mine is, that humanity wont make it.
Even though I’m little, I couldn’t be a coward anymore and had to face the reality of reality only being a mirror of myself. 
A manifestation of my perception. Or something like that,
And I too have the power to make it a good one!
The force if you will.

Still I enjoy to be close to you and us and not hurt others.
Only through each other we can truly be the best of ourselves. 
But we need to choose to believe to believe each others believe. 
(Just look at the stock market)
We can look at solutions or problems alike, 
It will all be easy to see
even almost solved.
We have left our space 
and stepped into a different realm.

We just need to focus on and really figure out how we 
even talk about things basically.

Simple is simpler than blown up arguments we just have to talk about IT.
Sometimes we need to let the noise pass us by to see the subtleties 

Humility. We all only know different amounts of nothing.

Why does curiosity turn to ignorance in some ducks that are scared to grow?
I think that’s sad and I want to help them see equilibrium.

We might find THAT out.

Don’t let yourself be fooled by reality in general, 
or by your media yourself we basically got to keep ourselves in check. 
so we don’t go and hurt each other.

Language now seems less like a problem 
and more like a solution and 
We can all talk 1Talk. 
We are basically the same.

Simply to BE many have said is a mind altering experience.
There are things that don’t exist. Science supports that.
Let’s not forget everything is possible and language is implied.
Use it to unite.
Language is the tool, the toy, the game, the play that will automatically lead to solving the issue that is us.

There would be no conflict if we were all nice, right? 
Let’s play nice.
Why not?
No Reason.

Lets learn from everything that has been said by anyone 
and add upon
and every song that has been written. 
Let us understand what was meant.
We have always all talked in one singe voice.
THIS means THAT for others, 
but the underling principle is equal.

If there was ever anyone watching us. 
Someone super aware lets say with super awareness technology 
they might be smart to wait until 
We have this basic issue of common understanding 
figured out 
and speak in one united voice.

Anywhere you look everything looks beautifully 
patterned and colored in every single minds eyes world.
Perception is astonishing.

Basically equal to plus and minus 
infinity and its opposite in synchronous symmetry or not.
That point is equality, balance, elegance, beauty, gravity.

Points to derive common understanding from.
Points thrive to be everything. 
We are somewhere in-between.
Let us agree on something.
Lets Play.
Play nice.

Let’s restore our mindsets to what they once were forever.
All forms of life. 
We are, like it or not, pretty much alike.

If anyone disagrees, lets simply talk it out.
Try to find common ground. 
There is not even the need not to.
We the ducks and the peoples, us.

Understanding Consequence.
We act and positively effect our selfs by being nice and honest 
with each other.

We are basically — nice. 
On a pale blue dot.
If we only knew.
Let us tell us.

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