Spirit of the Creator/November 2014 [Photo Credit: Jeri Hilt of jerihilt.com]

Creators’ Manifesto

I Am A Creator

In a world adorned in darkness
I am not your mirror for self-reflection
Nor am I here to critique your social ills
When the sickness you carry is of your own making
I am not your moral compass
we all must find our own way
I am no mindless consumer of empty promises or material things
This life force is no longer up for sale
I am not your omen, your canary,
Your Satan nor your Savior.

I am the one that brings into being
Made of the earth,
And breath,
And light.

I am the miner of value in deep suffering
the builder of cultures that span continents
I am the curator of lessons passed down over generations
The fashioner of freedom made from blood, sweat, and flames
I am the cultivator of dreams
Hunter of unrealized possibilities
while aligned with the origin — ancestral
The alchemist
I am both magic and real.

I am the designer of worlds
A connector of Heaven and Earth
Destined to commune with the celestial
In this body
I speak truth in all its forms into existence
Made in divine likeness
Endowed with the powers
To destroy, sustain, restore
My ways may be mysterious
But ALL I make is good.

You come to me seeking answers
But I am here only to set worlds in motion
Fragile yet unbroken in spirit
Until the dust comes to reclaim me
Yielding only to earth,
And breath,
And light.

I Am A Creator.