Divine Feminine

“The Offering” by Paul Lewin.

Those who do not understand why 
the ancients deified women
Didn’t have mothers like ours.
When she smiles the sun shines
From the bubbling brook of her laughter 
spawns the well spring of life


But when sadness casts its long shadow
Tears fall, torrents 
And the whole world weeps with her.
In this rain, we march on
We dawn sackcloth and ashes, 
With gnashing of teeth
As we bare witness to her mourning.

Yet In all her states 
of being
Shades and phases
In her fluidity
Beauty reigns
Her constant

And we 
As loyal subjects
Bask in the glow 
Of her queendom

Her truth
Her love
in Spirit
A product of the infinite

— to honor our foremothers for whom to be bold was not a choice but a willful act of resistance as they committed to change the world for the better for their daughters… and their sons.

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