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A key part of the #IAmACreator Collective’s platform — the #IAmACreator Medium Digital Magazine — exists as a rich tapestry of creative work in an array of formats. These include: op-eds, essays, excerpts from fictional short stories, poetry, video and short films, music, photos, infographics, and any other multi-media work that can be shared on this digital platform. We are here to showcase and foster our community’s creativity, and our editors are willing to get ‘creative’ with you to make it happen.

Our Current Feature Categories

Every six to eight weeks we rotate the topics and themes we highlight for publication and submission. Most of our topics will capture the complexity of our current personal, social, and political realities and the ways our creativity presents itself in these moments. If you’d like to contribute to this collective creative work, please think about what section of the magazine would be the best fit for your idea.

#SLAY — /slā/

1. To kill (a person or animal) in a violent way; to murder.
2. Greatly impress or amuse (someone).
3. Killing it. To excel or succeed as if your life depended on it (because as a Person of Color it often does).

This space addresses themes of death, dying, and Black Lives Matter, juxtaposed to the innumerable expressions of beauty and excellence that People of Color create in face of spoken and unspoken opposition and oppression.

#REVOLT — / rəˈvōlt/

1. To rise in rebellion.
2. To cause to feel disgust.

In light of our fraught political climate this space explores ideas of revolution and well as the range of issues that cause anger, frustration, and angst in the individual and collective lives of People of Color.

#ReVision — /rəˈviZHən/

Looking to reorient our Vision as creators in the new year, to write and rewrite our stories as we see fit, and to set intentions to create what is needed within our community in 2017 and beyond.

#Patchwerk — /ˈpaCHˌwərk/

A permanent space in our publication for loosely-threaded thoughts, initial musings, brief reflections, short poems, photos, or any other offerings that do not fit our current themes. We welcome posts inspired by current events if the pieces fit together to support our larger design toward a greater, creative whole.

Just added:

#Expectant — /ikˈspektənt/

We birth movements, raise children, and foster futures. As creators, we choose to see our world as pregnant with possibilities.

#Divine — /dəˈvīn/

From creators come all that is good and excellent; heavenly and celestial; beautiful and feminine; human and spirit. We explore the divine in all it shapes and forms.

Send submissions through or email us at We ask written text include at least one visual so be sure to include this in your submission. Multimedia submissions should also be sent, preferably via a link rather than an attachment, to the same email address.
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Writing on Medium

At the Collective we use to house our digital publication, in addition to having all of our stories on the blog section of Therefore to submit your work you must have a Medium account. Our editorial team will cross-post your content to our website on your behalf. Below are a few links to help you get started if you have never written on Medium before.

If you need additional assistance using Medium check out their support blog; it is pretty comprehensive and also includes a contact us form if you have specific questions.

Note: We prefer writers submit their blogs to #IAmACreator Collective before publishing them if possible. Therefore we recommend pitching your entry in advance via email to; be sure to provide your Medium handle so we can add you as a contributor to the publication. This will expedite the publishing process.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to working with you in every way we can to support high quality work. By submitting to #IAmACreator Collective you are agreeing to a few things of which we would like you to be aware. These include:

  1. Granting permission for our editorial team to provide you with suggested edits, including adding images or multimedia, to your entry. You can see all edits to unpublished work in real-time on Medium and we will never publish without the agreement of the author. Added bonus — We also have the ability to make changes after a piece is published on Medium so we can edit until we get it right.
  2. Permitting use of your work, including photos and video, in advertising of the #IAmACreator Collective publication and the Collective itself. We will always attribute your work to you unless for some reason you prefer that we don’t. We also ask all contributors follow the publication on Medium and share their work across their social platforms to increase exposure.
  3. Agreeing to follow the terms of service and community rules set by Medium. This includes not promoting inappropriate content (pornography, hate speech, etc). We will not accept or promote content that does not follow the general spirit of these platform guidelines.

With that, please read our “About Us” story — I Am A Creator: A Truth We All Should Embrace — to learn more about the Collective and see this is a good place for your creative work. Check out the rest of the publication and see what you think.

We are working to include a wide range of creators and interests within communities of color. This is intentional as we recognize our stories and viewpoints are diverse. Work from select allies will also be considered for inclusion. However we know not everything will be a fit and we reserve the right to decline content that does not align with our mission as a Collective.

If after you look around you think you have found a home for your creativity be sure to contact us. We look forward to helping you share your work as a creator with the rest of the world!

You can also find this entry on our blog at Visit our website to learn more about the Collective.

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